It’s Easter Tuesday and Passover! Need a free plant to start the holiday decorating?

Be the first to correctly i.d. old faithful here and you’ll have a free start to a very hardy sun loving flower bed, ground covering , or container plant!

Good Growin’ and Decorating!

Inspiration and Knowledge=Great Landscapes

Countdown To Easter-Happy Passover!

For Christians this is Holy Week which began yesterday on palm Sunday-and for those of the Jewish faith-passover begins at sundown this evening. The Harper boys wish all of you a great week and many blessings!

These spring holidays are a lot about having people to the house and of course eating. We are fortunate here to be able to have most all holiday meals extend to our outdoor living areas. Is your outdoor living area, or your curb appeal all that you want it to be? Our outdoor entertaining season is nearly year round but Easter/Passover is upon us, graduations are coming soon, Memorial day is on the horizon. Let us help get you ready. Whether it is one nicely planted pot for the front entry or a complete garden makeover or anything in between, we can help!

Have a great Holy Week /Passover and we hope to see or hear from you soon!

Good Growin’

A simple pot w/ color can mean "welcome"

Inspiration and Knowledge=Great Landscapes

Gettin In The Garden!

These gals are going to be busy today gettin that spring garden in! Got to love their enthusiasm and they had a great time picking out veggies, herbs, and a great passion vine!

gonna be busy in the garden today!

See you in the garden til 5:30 today-remember 1 week til those Easter guests arrive!

good growin’

Inspiration and Knowledge=Great Landscapes

What’s New???

New Stuff is showing up nearly every week now as we begin the transition from cool to warm season planting! Let us help you figure out the right plant for the right place at the right time and get ready for those Easter,Graduation,and Memorial Day guests! Whether it is one pot, one planter bed or a whole yard garden or complete landscape-we can help!

angelonia or "summer" snapdragon!

Good Growin’

Inspiration and Knowledge=Great Landscapes

The Harper Boys Weekly

Harper's Landscape Co.&Gardening Centre.
April Gardening
It’s About Transition

It’s Time To Plant Something
What’s Different?

  • Mesquite trees are blooming-old timers tell me that’s a sure sign winter is gone!
  • White wing doves are arriving,quail are paired up, and mockingbirds may be keeping those of you who sleep with windows open awake at night-love (i mean spring) is in the air
  • Start transitioning your ryegrass lawn by mowing shorter each mowing so it begins to brown our if it hasn’t already
  • Tomatoes,peppers,squash,melons,eggplant,okra, and cucumbers are taking the place of cabbage, lettuce, spinach, beets, and turnips-be sure to keep your warm season veggies growing fast by fertilizing regularly and mulching to control weeds and conserve water!
  • Petunias and Pansies are giving way to vinca, pentas, moss rose, and angelonia! again fertilize regularly Shipments of summer flowers and veggies arriving weekly!!
  • Warm weather lovers like hibiscus, oleander, red bird of paradise, orchid trees and the like are blooming and pushing new growth. Be sure to fertilize!
  • Roses are in their glory-the aphids and thrips are too-keep them fertilized and control the insects w/ the type and method your comfortable with. we sell several organics that work great-powdery mildew is still around as well keep it controlled with neem oil or general fungicides
  • We’ve gone from sitting in the sun to seeking shade-got any? Sissoo, Oak, Pistache,Palo Verde, Mesquite, Sumac … can all be planted now!!
  • Your coming to the garden with shorts and tank tops instead of jeans and jackets-got sun screen! See you soon!
The Winners Are:

For our $25 gift card drawing-Gale Galle and Kent Adams
The Plant Trivia Winner is: Naomi Walker Hancock
Congratulations and be sure to sign up for our drawing which is every Monday and play Plant Trivia every Tuesday!!

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About Ponds and Trees

Every Month we share with you additional resources from folks we consider to be the best of the best in their fields. You’ll find the Pond Gnome and Integrity Tree Service’s newsletters linked here. We appreciate their expertise and hope you do as well. The Harper Boys strive to keep you the best informed gardeners in the valley and these information from these two partners will do just that!

Integrity Tree Service April Newsletter
The Pond Gnome’s April Newsletter

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Easter, Earth and Arbor Day are Arriving Soon-Need any more excuses to get out and plant something-we don’t think so!  If you need any help on deciding which is the right plant, the right place, and the right time to plant-come in or call us-it’s what we do!!

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Another Ladies Day In Paradise

Yep here we are in April, a little warm, but still no 100′s and back in the 80′s by the weekend! No tornadoes, floods, hail…… is paradise. All ladies and seniors come on in and take advantage of 10% Savings today on all purchases. Enjoy!!

good Growin’

Inspiration and Knowledge=Great Landscapes

Playin’ Plant Trivia

This plant may be mentioned in more songs than any other? It can be in your back yard if you can be the first to correctly i.d. it!

Good Growin and Good Smellin’

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play!

It’s Monday, a day most of us don’t really look forward to. At Harper’s, however, Monday is Drawing Day. We draw for a $25 gift card at both locations. Yep that’s right if you want to double your chances you can come by both Harper’s and toss your name in the hat. Play early and often and you just might be getting a head start on that Easter Garden Redecorating  Project!

Play Early and Often

Good Growin’


Good Morning Americans-as Paul Harvey used to and now detour Dan tells us it is in deed Friday!!! We’re receiving all kinds of new goodies today just in time for the weekend and that beautification project you’ve got going at your home!

Bougainvilleas, Hibiscus, Tecoma (orange,yellow, and other bells), summer bedding like “cora” vinca, and succulents just to name a few new additions to the selection for the weekend!

These babies are beginning to bloom-have one?

Remember It’s FRIIIIDAYYYY-Let’s Plant Something!!

Good Growin’

Inspiration and Knowledge=Great Landscapes

The Harper Boys Weekly

Harper's Landscape Co.&Gardening Centre.
April Showers??
A Nice Sprinkle and a Cool Start To April!
Neighbor’s Roof On 4/3

plant something video
Watch Arbor Day Video
April Is National Gardening Month-Are You?
What is Going On In The Garden This Month?
  • Continue to plant warm season vegetables-melons,cucumber,eggplant,okra,squash,beans,peppers….
  • Begin planting and replacing cool season annuals and flower beds with warm season plants like: vinca,moss rose,angelonia,penta, ornamental sweet potato vine,scabiosa,zinnia…..
  • Get That Yard/Garden/Patio ready for Easter! Need help or ideas as to what,where,when,and how-we’ve got ‘em. Our team of planning pros can help you create the garden/landscape of your dreams. From just a small planter area to a complete landscape-call us today!
  • Earth Day is April 22nd! Plant Something
  • Arbor Day in Arizona is April 26-Another reason to Plant Something!!
  • Watch for powdery mildew on roses and grapes especially
  • Be on the look out for caterpillars on texas mountain laurel,grapes, passion vine, and of course veggies!
  • aphids and spider mites will be active this month-get out and walk around your plants-control as necessary!Without the gardener there is no garden!
  • Keep weeds controlled and prevent them with pre emergent herbicide
  • begin to check your irrigation systems and with the wind things might be drying out a little faster than in the past. The best time to find a sprinkler problem is now, not in June!
  • Spray Olive Trees To prevent olives while they’re in bloom!
  • Start fertilizing bermuda grass lawns
  • Fertilize rose bushes once a month now and keep the old blossoms picked off

Harper’s Landscape Design Centre!

Join us May 3rd for the official opening of our new landscape demonstration venue at our Scottsdale location! See first hand all the elements of a complete landscape job first hand. From water features/ponds to outdoor kitchens to lighting, and of course plants all on display and in a working landscape. You don’t have to rely on photos or portfolios to see what the garden or landscape of your dreams may look like. See it, feel it, hear it, and touch it right at Harper’s 2529 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale!
Harper’s Landscape

Our Weekly Winners!!

Congratulations to Usha Sundar for being the first to I.D. “bower vine” as our plant of the week. Usha, you may pick one up at your earliest convenience! Penny Barkley and Sarah Haynes are the winners of our weekly drawing for a $25 Harper’s Gift Card!

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No April foolin’ around here-there is a lot going on from Arbor Day to the opening of our Landscape Gardening Centre, April is a great month to garden and plant-Join Us, Let’s Plant Something together!

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