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Hot Dogs & Pizza
Pavers, Ponds, & Plants Oh My!!
Belgard’s Pizza Oven-See and taste how it works!

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We’ll start the day with a live broadcast of Rosie On The House from 8-11. Come and see a live radio broadcast and ask your questions of all the landscape pros on hand: Belgard Pavers, The Pond Gnome, Phoenix Precast Products, Custom Adobe Builders, Bio Feed Solutions, Vilardi Gardens, Mirage Greens, Create A Curb and of course The Harper Boys!!
The folks at Belgard will be demonstrating their pizza oven, Mike the Hot dog King will be cooking dogs and brats on our outdoor kitchen grill and Suzanne Vilardi and the Harper boys will be conducting fall vegetable growing classes at 10 and 1

Come out and eat, enjoy, and learn all bout how we can help turn your back yard into the Garden Of Your Dreams! Best of all you can see it first hand right at our Landscape Design Centre at 2529 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale!!



It’s Fall: Are You Ready?

This is the first weekend of fall and it is supposed to start feeling a little more like it:
If you’ve prepared your soil :

Fall vegetable garden preparation for desert soil
Fall vegetable garden preparation for desert soil

Watch the video- then you can begin to plant all the leafy and root type vegetables for fall and winter. We’ve been receiving locally grown (Vilardi Gardens and Dream with Colors) vegetable plants for a couple weeks now and seed packets are coming in weekly!
Plan your landscape project so you have it done before the holidays-we can help. Let us come out and evaluate your yard or garden FREE! Call us today!

Fertilize and Groom your roses
Fertilize your Citrus
Apply Pre Emergent Herbicides
Plant Winter Bedding plants if (see video) your soil is ready
Be sure to control existing weeds (there are a lot with all the rain) before they get large and go to seed
If you’re not planting a winter lawn, fertilize your lawn one more time
You can get ready to plant winter rye grass by starting to lower your mowing height on your mower weekly for the next few weeks. October 15 is usually the magic day to begin!
Need more ideas? Come on in and see us, we’re getting new items in almost daily now!!

Way To Go Kim Henley!
Kim was the first to I.D. Gazania as our plant trivia plant of the week!
Kim come on down and pick up your free plant!

The rest of you can play again next week by following us on social media!
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The Harper Boys Weekly

Harper's Landscape Co.&Gardening Centre.

Beginning To Look Like Fall!!

Look What’s New and Arriving!!

First Day Of Fall Around The Corner

September 22 is Monday-That means this is the last official weekend of summer! We’re gearing up for the fall planting season and will have available for this weekend:
Mizuna, Kale, Cauliflower,Broccoli Raab, Broccoli, Dill sorrel, Fennel, Leeks, Onions, Basil, Mint, Pak Choi, Dill, Edible Calendula,Beet Greens, Chard… and Tomatoes.
For the flower garden: Petunias, Marigolds, Mums, and Lobelia make their appearance for the first time!
Again be sure you’ve properly prepared your soil! It is a must for early season success-It is simple especially after some rain the soil should be fairly soft: for every 100 sq. ft. (10×10) incorporate 3-6 bags of Hickman’s compost or Mel’s Mix, 10 lbs of gypsum, 2 lbs of blood meal, and 4 lbs of bone meal. Mix it in well and you’ll be set to plant! Good Growin’

Landscape Centre Open House and Fall Gardening Seminar! Live Broadcast of Rosie On The House 8-11 Saturday October 4th

Many of you were with us in May when we had a “soft” opening of our new landscape centre. Well with the fall season at hand we’ve added a few things and think it’s an excuse for another party! Saturday October 4 from 9-2 come and see, eat, smell, and learn! We’ll have the outdoor kitchen fired up cooking dogs and who knows what else, our landscape partners like THE POND GNOME, CUSTOM ADOBE BUILDERS, MIRAGE GREENS, BELGARD PAVERS, and others will be on hand to show you how you can create the garden of your dreams!
Our vegetable grower- Vilardi Gardens will be on hand to answer questions about vegetable gardening, The Harper Boys will be doing fall gardening seminars during the day and you can meet the Cajun Contractors Rosie and Romey Romero!

CONGRATS to Bob Boettger!!
Bob was the first to name “rain lily” to our plant of the week contest this past Tuesday! Want a FREE plant? Tune in to social media every Tuesday and play along!
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Harper’s Landscape Co.&Gardening Centre.
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Since 1945 Creating The Gardens of your Dreams with Inspiration and Knowledge!

The Harper Boys Weekly

Harper's Landscape Co.&Gardening Centre.
Is Fall Cleaning = Spring Cleaning?
Either Way It’s Time!!
Out With The Old-In With The New!

Is It Spring or Fall?

If you have read one or two of our letters in the past, you know, and if you haven’t well we’ve got a weird take on what we call summer around here! Since it is our bleakest season for the landscape we prefer to think of it as winter! So that must mean we’re headed into spring right? Well either way spring or fall, it is time to start getting ready! Call it a Spring cleaning or a Fall one we’re here to help! If you need your landscape/ yard/ garden evaluated we can have one of our professional landscape/garden designers come out and take a look-and have you ready to enjoy your outdoor living space in no time. Perhaps all you need is a little sprucing up ( a light trim and a shave so to speak) we can do that too-Give us a call today so that when Spring (fall) arrives you’ll be lookin’ good!

See How Beautiful The Garden Of Your Dreams Can Be

Last Week
Let’s Get This Over With!
We’re down to the last week of moving our Mesa Location to our Newly Remodeled Landscape Design Centre at Our Scottsdale Location! Help us not to have to move any more plants! It’s time to start planting- come in and SAVE!

Practical Magic
Ah, Fall!  The temperatures drop a bit (well, it’s below 100 at night, anyway), the kids are all back in school (and parents are doing the happy dance), leaves are beginning to turn colors (okay, maybe not here), and we begin switching out our wardrobes (okay, definitely not HERE).  And just think: only 3-1/2 months until Christmas!

So while you have this quiet before the oncoming storm, take a moment (or an hour) to stop and enjoy where you are at this moment in time.  And don’t forget to hug your kids every day — whether they like it or not!

Keep up your gardening work this month!  The water temperature is still plenty warm to keep those aquatic plants growing aggressively.  Ten minutes per week is all it should take to keep your living water feature in tip-top shape.  And remember to take some time to just sit and relax: be a humanBEING instead of a humanDOING once in a while!
Recently, we mentioned a special deal for those clients who might want to upgrade from their Classic system to the new and improved Signature system of pond equipment.  We got a great response to that offer, and wanted to remind anyone else out there that the offer of special discount pricing will expire at the end of October 2014.  So, if you’re still on the fence, don’t wait too long to get on our schedule to have that done at a discount.
Join us for First Saturday’s at Harper’s Nursery & Landscape Centre, starting October 4th, 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  To kick off the Fall Season, this first event will include a live remote broadcast of the Rosie On The House show followed by a BBQ.  Come on by to see some of our work, and ask any questions you may have.  Also, chat with other experts about great landscape options for your yard like paver patios, contemporary pottery, shade structures, a putting green, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, and much more!
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Since 1945 Creating The Garden Of Your Dreams With Inspiration and Knowledge!

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Let’s Help Out A Local Nursery In Need!!

Perhaps the best way to help the Cox family is to purchase some local grown plants and we’ll replace them with more local grown plants from Jessica and Ryan’s Nursey!

A Local Nursery Needs Our Help

Cox Cactus Farm
Buy Local Plants From Local Nurseries

As many of you may know by now one of our local nurseries, a wholesale grower in north Phoenix was devastated by the flash flooding this past week. Folks  in and out of our industry are helping in many ways from combing the desert for empty pots to driving tractors and re grading the nursery yard. The best way for us to help is to buy their product. The Cox s (Ryan and Jessica)  sell their plants to local nurseries like us and landscape contractors. How can you help? If you are contemplating a landscape project or just need a new plant for a pot or planter, be sure to purchase from someone who is buying from local growers especially the Cox Cactus Farm!
Cox Cactus Farm on Facebook

20% OFF

60% OFF at Our Mesa Location!

Any Agave, Cactus,or Succulent
so we can replace them with new ones from Cox Cactus Farm!!
Offer Expires September 3, 2014
A Winner!!
Jacq Davis was the first to properly ID our plant of the week as “sweet pea” bush
Congratulations to Jacq. If you’d like to win a FREE plant, be sure to follow us on any one of these social media. Our contest is every Tuesday!
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Harper’s Landscape Co. & Gardening Centre

2529 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale 480 946 3481
1830 E. McKellips Rd. Mesa 480 964 4909
With Inspiration and Knowledge Helping You Create The Garden Of Your Dreams Since 1945

Harper's Landscape Co.&Gardening Centre.
It’s August!
Back To School and Back To The Garden!!

Just getting back from vacation and don’t like how you’re yard looks?
Give us a call for a FREE evaluation of your yard, garden, landscape, pool area … Before you know it we’ll be back enjoying the outdoors-you’ll want to be ready!!

Is your pool area enjoyable?
We can help! Thank You to the Alts for allowing us to improve their outdoor living space!

Integrity Tree Service and The Pond Gnome can help make your yard the garden of your dreams!
Notes From Our Pond And Tree Partners

We value our partnerships with experts in many fields of landscape and gardening! We hope you enjoy and find The Pond Gnome and Integrity Tree Service’s August Newsletters
The Pond Gnome-August Ponderings Talking Trees-Integrity Tree Ser
vice’s August Letter


Congratulations Kim Henley on being the first to correctly identifying “potato vine” as the plant of the week! One is yours free-come on down!!
Also Becky Wolf was our lucky winner of a $25 Gift Card that we draw every week!
Be sure to play along by following us on your favorite social media!!
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August Gardening Checklist

Vegetable gardeners get ready!! It is time to get that garden prepared with organic compost, gypsum, and fertilizer as you can begin planting beans, corn, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, melons and the list just keeps getting longer and longer as we get closer to mid September. The biggest mistake,however, is that folks just don’t take time to thoroughly prepare the planting area! It make all the difference in the world-check out our very simple garden recipe-we guarantee you’ll have success if you follow it!
Harper’s Garden Soil Recipe

Other Items That Might Need Your Attention:
Be sure to check young trees that are staked and be sure they are still properly supported. Check the wire(s) and be sure they aren’t too loose or tight and that they’re not rubbing on the trunk of the tree!
Be sure to adjust watering schedules up and down as rainfall allows
Be sure to fertilize your lawn!
It will be time to fertilize Citrus and other shade trees at the end of the month!
Control spurge and other weeds while they are young and easy to pull or spray
Watch for insect damage on tecomas (yellow and orange bells). This is when we start to see the caterpillars that can be so damaging. control with b.t. or spinosad
You might see slime molds, mushrooms and other fungi appearing in the lawn or garden with rainfall and high temps. it might be a sign things are too wet!

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Harper’s Landscape co. & Gardening Centre

2529 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale Az 480 946 3481
1830 E. McKellips Rd. Mesa Az 480 964 4909
Helping you create the garden of your dreams with Inspiration and knowledge since 1945

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Offer Expires WHEN THEY’RE GONE!!

The Harper Boys Weekly

The Harper Boys weekly Newsletter is available By Clicking on the picture of the Boys! Enjoy!!

We learned a lot of gardening from Mom!!


How Much Water Does You Lawn Need?

Here is a very good article on how to know and tell if your lawn is being watered properly and or is getting enough or too much. We all want to conserve water and be responsible, perhaps we can have our cake and eat it too! Click on the link for the article from Mr. Wise Grass himself
How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need?

The Moran Residence: Our Garden Of Your Dreams Creation Of The Week

It was a privilege to have been able to help the Morans create the garden of their dreams this week!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of the process! If you have any part or all of your garden or landscape that isn’t quite “dreamy” , we’d love to help make it your dream garden! Call or come by our landscape design centre today and we’ll set up a FREE on site evaluation. WE have the Inspiration and the Knowledge to help you put the RIGHT plant in the RIGHT place at he the RIGHT time!

After, a nice area to relax
60% OFF ALL PLANTS-Til They’re GONE!!
Close Out Sale at our Mesa Location Going On Now! Take Advantage of Big Savings while they last-Mesa Location Only!

while supplies last, all sales final

Congrats’  Kris Dake for being the first to I.D. our plant of the week. The correct answer was “desert spoon”.
You can win if you play along by following us on your favorite social media every Tuesday!
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The Harper Boys Weekly!

The Harper Boys Weekly!

How We Lookin’?
We’re Half Way Thru Summer-Need Help?
Are You Relaxing In Your Back Yard Now?Your Could be With Our Help!

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What Is Surviving, What’s Thriving?

Listen in this Saturday at 8am to Rosie On The House and we’ll talk about what may or may not be looking good in your garden, what you can plant to make it look good this time of year, and how to keep it that way. 92.3fm KTAR is the place on the First and Fourth Saturdays of the month to find the Harper Boys talking and answering your questions about what you can do to create and keep the Garden Of Your Dreams!

Radio Show Archives

60% OFF


Way To Go Deb Ammons!

Congrats to Deb for identifying the large tree that grows in the middle of our landscape design centre in Scottsdale! It is in fact a Southern Live Oak. Need Shade, it’s a great option and the Harper Team can help you design and place any tree shrub or plant for shade, energy savings, and curb appeal. Call us and follow us today!

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Who ‘Dat Crawfish?
Mark your calendars for next Saturday August August 2nd. Eat Crawfish In The Cool Pines!
Come see the Harper Boys broadcast w/ Rosie on the House LIve from Bison Ranch! Click for more info below


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2529 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale 480 946 3481

Scottsdale, AZ 85257

1830 E. McKellips Rd. Mesa 480 964 4909

The Harper Boys Weekly

Harper's Landscape Co.&Gardening Centre.
Monsoon or Nonsoon?
Is Your Garden Ready?
dust storm

Need a new look for a small area? Maybe it’s time to Evaluate your Garden!
What Can You Do To Prepare For This Season

Well we’ve had a few storms and depending on where you live maybe a couple of good rain/wind events. There are some things you can and should do to get your garden thru this season as unscathed as possible.

First-there may be nothing you can do to stop catastrophic winds from damaging or uprooting trees. Hurricane force winds and rain is going to do what it does and no staking or pruning is going to help in these cases. You can make sure large limbs or trees are not overhanging your roof or cars. If they do fall make sure they fall on open space.
Second- Most trees are uprooted because they’re improperly watered. Be sure you’re moving drips away from trunk as tree grows and watering long enough to get water to at least a depth of 3 feet. See Landscape Watering By The Numbers to determine how to water deeply enough.
Third- Be sure young trees are properly staked. Remove the stake the tree came with and replace it with 2 stakes one on either side of the tree equal distant apart. Tie the tree loosely to either stake be sure to use a rubber hose or similar where tie or wire makes contact with tree. This allows the tree freedom to move and become less dependent on the stakes more quickly.
Third- Fertilize adequately. With the increase in humidity, plants will begin to grow and recover from early summer heat stress. Be sure to supply proper nutrients to allow this to happen more vigorously.
Four- If it rains and with more moisture in the air, plants will not dry out as quickly, especially if your mulching. You may actually be able to cut back on the frequency of the water schedule. Remember the average daily temp is coming down and the days are getting shorter as well. In lawns a good indicator of excess moisture are mushrooms or toad stools growing. They are a sure sign you can cut back on the water. Be sure you’re watering lawns in early morning and not at night.
Five-Evaluate. This is a great time to take a good look at your garden and decide if a particular tree, shrub, or vine is a good fit in that spot. Perhaps it has struggled every year at this time? Maybe you’ve lost a tree or large limb and the plants near that are now getting too much sun? It might just be time for a redo. Many of us have lived in our homes for a long time. We’ve remodeled the inside, why not do the same on the out? If you need help evaluating your landscape, we’ll come do it for FREE!! Perhaps a monsoon storm is just what it takes to end up getting you the garden of your dreams!

Ideas For Your New Dream Garden

Plant Sale at our Mesa Location-
60% OFF NOW!

Entering The Final Weeks- Hurry In While Selection Lasts!
Mesa Location Only!!
Way to go Lynn Holbrook! You were the first to id “Wedelia” and in Jeopardy form no less! Lynn come on in and get your FREE wedelia at your convenience and thanks for playing!
You too can be winning FREE plants if you follow us every week on your favorite social media!!
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Harper’s Landscape Co. & Gardening Centre
2529 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale 480 946 3481
1830 E. McKellips Rd. Mesa 480 964 4909

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If you refer us to a friend or neighbor and we book a landscape job with them, we’ll gladly give you $100 in a Harper Gift Card!
Offer Expires NEVER!!

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