13 Cheap Ways To Block A Neighbor’s View: Ultimate Guide!

13 Cheap Ways To Block a Neighbors View Ultimate Guide

Do you think it’s a good idea to let your neighbors gaze at you while you’re merely sitting on your patio or in your garden, or do you think it’s weird?

Without a doubt, the answer is no! When it comes to protecting your neighbor’s view from being impeded, what is the most effective strategy?

Particular sections of the garden may need greater seclusion at various points during the year. Rather than attempting to resolve all issues with a single solution, tackle them one at a time with several viable solutions to see which ones work best.

Complete the most important element first—typically a patio sitting area—and work your way down from there.

Natural barriers, such as trees, hedges, bushes, and vines, will continue to provide seclusion in the foreseeable future. Additionally, when the screen or fence has developed, you may decide to take it down or put it away.

Here are 13 low-cost techniques for keeping your presence hidden from your neighbor from the outside world:

Why Would I Want To Block My Neighbor’s View?

Outdoor screens, metal fences, and hanging drapes are all effective ways to keep a neighbor’s view out of your yard. Additionally, large trees, bushes, and other vegetation may be utilized to block the view of a neighbor by growing them against the house’s walls.

Fences and walls will, in most cases, be sufficient to conceal the neighbor’s view from the top. Planting large trees such as Italian Cypress and Arborvitae, on the other hand, may serve to obscure the view of an upstairs neighbor.

Additional options include installing overhead shades to offer a feeling of solitude while also protecting against the summer heat.

It is possible to put planters and climbers of various sizes to the top of a fence to obstruct the neighbor’s view and increase privacy.

Additionally, you may plant large trees and shrubs along the perimeter of your property to conceal your neighbor’s view. It is necessary, however, to adhere to the height restrictions set by the municipality.

13 Ways To Block A Neighbors View 

Let’s get straight into it! Below we have a list of thirteen ways that you can block a neighbor’s view. Keep reading to find the method that suits you best today.

Install A Fence

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By erecting a fence around your patio or backyard, you may increase the sense of privacy. You have the option of choosing between a wooden or metal fence.

Fences made of metal, such as corrugated metal fences, are both aesthetically pleasing and economically cheap to purchase.

However, as they deteriorate, they begin to lose their allure. Everything is fine though as long as you keep them well maintained.

Aside from that, the corrugated fence may be beneficial in reducing wind resistance. Additionally, the sturdy metal fence may be used as a sound barrier due to its strength. If you do not like to construct a metal fence, timber fencing may be a more suitable alternative.

When it comes to wooden fencing, the conventional wooden slatted fence is a good option to consider. That, on the other hand, may seem to be an extremely huge order.

As an example, horizontal hardwood slats may be put and then covered with a lattice to provide a softer, more beautiful appearance.

Use Outdoor Screens

If you have a nosy neighbor and a patio, this is a very beneficial approach. While you’re relaxing on your patio, employing outdoor screens to keep someone’s nose out of regions where it shouldn’t be may be a simple and basic way to keep them out of trouble.

The vast majority of outdoor screens are constructed from fabric sheets that are attached to iron frames. The fact that these exterior displays are so lightweight is the most appealing aspect.

As a consequence, you will have no trouble moving and positioning them across your backyard or patio space. Furthermore, since they are foldable, they are easy to store once they have been used.

There are also various types of screens available, such as outdoor privacy deck screens, which are very popular. They are made of mesh, which provides for ventilation while also protecting you from the view of your neighbors on the other side.

Screens for the outdoors are often inexpensive and readily accessible. This may thus be your best choice if you’re seeking a low-cost privacy solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Make A Garden Slat Wall

Make A Garden Slat Wall

A screen panel or a room divider might be utilized to create a barrier around your patio. This, however, may prove to be too expensive. Alternatively, you might construct a garden slat wall that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides the necessary seclusion.

To begin building this wall, dig two 22-inch holes for the posts to be used as anchors. After the holes have been drilled, it’s time to put the posts in their places.

Fill the gaps in the posts with concrete sand to provide additional stability once they have been thoroughly leveled.

Then, one by one, screw the boards into the posts, being sure to leave a little space between each board (roughly keep around half-inch apart)

Using wood filler, begin filling the screw holes in the boards once they have been placed. To finish the boards, sand them down to an acceptable finish, stain them, and seal them with a protective coating are all options.

After that, you can simply hang your lovely flower pots from the structure to add to its aesthetic appeal.

Grow Hedges

Hedges provide a great screening plant for borders. Additionally, massive walls or fences may be created, even if they resemble a prison! Rather than that, if you plant soft trees or structures to help break up the view, trust me, it will be far more lovely!

You may, for example, plant these Italian Cypress trees, which grow in a straight upright column.

These trees may grow to heights of 70 feet or more, and they grow swiftly. They will block out not just the lower windows in your house, but also the upper ones, providing you with the isolation you need.

This plant may reach a width of ten to twenty feet (three to three meters). As a result, even if the area to be screened is somewhat small, this plant will work well.

Additionally, since this is a natural way to block your neighbor’s view, you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of greenery and freshness in your outdoor area.

Simply verify that the plants you pick are suited to your environment and water them properly. Additionally, bear in mind that if they get too wild, you will need to clip them. As a consequence, you may use this notion in your garden to create a privacy screen.

Grow Trees And Shrubs

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As with our prior suggestion to plant hedges, you can also plant a single huge tree or clusters of shrubs anywhere you choose on your patio or backyard garden to block off a neighbor’s view of your property.

You might also consider planting a large tree to serve as the garden’s main point. When selecting trees for your patio or yard, make a point of selecting evergreens wherever possible.

In the end, you don’t want to be able to enjoy seclusion during the summer and then have to contend with everything being open during the winter, do you?

So it is critical to use year-round evergreen trees to provide foliage and seclusion throughout the landscape.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a less permanent solution, you may go for a row of large potted plants placed in a straight line instead. By using fast-growing plants such as bamboo, you may quickly create a sense of seclusion in your garden.

It is substantially more cost-effective to grow your trees and plants than installing stone barriers.

Grow Long Grass

Additionally, you may grow long grass and use it to make a seclusion screen around your home. A live fence is frequently a fantastic alternative to a traditional fence because of its natural beauty and greenery.

It will not only provide seclusion for your garden but will also improve the overall visual appeal of the space. It is possible to utilize a variety of plants to build a privacy screen.

As previously indicated, you are permitted to plant trees and shrubs. Ornamental grasses, on the other hand, grow more quickly than shrubs and evergreen trees and may reach maturity in as little as two growing seasons.

Because of this, this may be a great choice for you if you need isolation for a short amount of time.

Some of the lovely grasses that will increase the isolation of your surroundings are Zebra Grass, Pampas Grass, strong Pink Hair Grass, Feather Reed Grass, Clumping Bamboo, and Fountain Grass.

Add Vines

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Tall grasses and other types of vegetation may be used to screen your deck or patio from view.

Simply place some vine-filled pots under the lattice panels or trellis to complete the look. After that, your vines will begin to grow and wrap themselves around the objects you placed there. What a simple concept!

Use Trellis

Using trellis to create privacy around your deck or patio area is another low-cost method for establishing privacy. In addition, since trellises are smaller in size than fences, they are less difficult to construct than fences, to begin with.

The use of trellis to support beautiful plants and vines in your garden or patio may be a great addition to your outdoor living space.

Use Lattice Screens

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A lattice screen is one of the most cost-effective alternatives for safeguarding your area from prying eyes when it comes to preserving your privacy.

When it comes to the creation of latticework, natural materials such as wood are often employed. These items are, however, also available in a variety of plastic configurations.

To make your project more environmentally friendly, I recommend that you utilize wood or other materials that are derived from natural sources. It seems and feels much cleaner to me!

Furthermore, they are available in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your needs. Aside from that, several of them are easily customizable and simple to put together.

Make your choices depending on how well it will complement your patio or garden, and then sit back and enjoy the sense of privacy it provides.

Use Overhead Shade

If you have a neighbor who lives in an apartment or a two-story structure, this is an option to consider.

Place a shade structure on your patio or in your yard to provide shade. Your neighbors will not be able to see you since the shade is made of sailcloth or any other material that conceals your presence.

Plants and trees, on the other hand, may provide overhead protection from the sun. It is not only isolating, but an overhanging shade also gives a pleasant respite from the scorching heat of the summer months.

Hang Outdoor Curtains

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Aside from that, hanging outside curtains is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your neighbor’s view blocked out.

If you have a dining area on your patio or in your backyard from which your neighbors often gaze and bother you,

Then all you have to do is purchase and install some reasonably priced exterior curtains to offer the necessary degree of privacy. It would be fantastic if the curtains could be held in place with some robust poles or wooden bars.

When the curtains are not in use, they can be folded and stowed away, which is a fantastic concept.

Hanging Greeneries

Yes, there are several benefits to fashionably hanging your plants. Starting with the fact that you will surely feel secluded as a consequence of hanging your plants in a manner that prevents them from being seen from the outside,

Furthermore, since you will be stylishly hanging beautiful plants, your neighbors will be completely oblivious of your genuine objectives. Correct!! You don’t want anybody to realize that you’ve been excluded!

They could think you’re experimenting with a new design style when you’re not. Despite this, you are the only one who comprehends the underlying nature of the problem. Wow, isn’t it incredible?

No one in your neighborhood would be harmed, and you would be able to admire the beauty of the plants while still enjoying your solitude!

Furthermore, hanging your plants conserves space that may be used for a variety of activities such as sunbathing, grilling, or outdoor décor, among others.

Creative View Blockers

A large number of towns have established ordinances limiting the height of garden walls to a certain height. The ability to construct taller constructions inside the yard is, nonetheless, possible on occasion. Using this massive monitor as a solution is a wonderful idea.

Fences above six feet high are illegal in several areas. Occasionally, though, certain tall structures may be authorized to be built inside your property.

As a consequence, you may decide to use your inventiveness and create your view blocker to solve the problem. Do you, for example, have a significant collection of transparent plastic bottles in your possession? Following that, you will be able to transform it into a privacy screen.

Simply cut the bottoms off of opaque plastic bottles and singe the rough edges to smooth them out and give them a more professional appearance, as seen in the photo.

If you have a big collection of these flower-shaped plastic bottoms, you can simply thread these plastic bottle flowers together to create a more elaborate arrangement. Wooden support or a similar framework may then be used to hang the final piece of art after that.

Indeed, this is just one example. There are a variety of do-it-yourself ways that may be used to construct these magnificent structures.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Hopefully, you can now relax on your patio, in your backyard, or on your front porch without worrying about being bothered by a nosy next-door neighbor now that the investigation is concluded.

Your outdoor space should be a quiet refuge where you can repose and unwind in comfort if you are anything like us. In today’s world, when most of us live in heavily populated areas, we have few opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in peace.

Even while enormous trees and shrubs may serve as excellent natural barriers to view blockage, it takes a long time for them to develop and get established in their new locations.

More immediate screening alternatives for patios and garden areas are provided by the following solutions, as opposed to the preceding ones. Why not use some of our ideas today and see the difference they can make to your garden?

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