How to Prepare Soil for Cacti

How To Prepare Soil For Cacti

All plant parents want to provide the optimum conditions for their plant babies to grow into healthy, large plants. Cacti, unlike many plants, are pretty low-maintenance. They are tough and extremely unfussy. Not to mention, absolutely beautiful. Because of these reasons, cacti are generally favored extensively as indoor plants. Cacti and succulents have also gained …

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How to Build Your Own Garden Plot?

How To Build Your Own Garden Plot?

Building your own garden plot is a great summer DIY activity. You can use the prepared plot for cultivating and growing fresh edibles such as fruits and vegetables or lovely, fragrant flower plants of your choice. However, many people find the mere thought of preparing a garden plot daunting and challenging. It really isn’t so …

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DIY Planter Box: How to Build Them

DIY Planter Box: How To Build Them

Gardening enthusiasts are constantly looking for ways to include more plants in their gardens or backyards. Planters display your favorite plants and flowers and highlight them. A variety of different types of planters also adds more personality to the garden. Along with concrete planters and terracotta planters, you can also use wooden planters. The best …

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DIY Hydroponics at Your Home

DIY Hydroponics At Your Home

When people think about growing crops or gardening, they instantly picture themselves getting down and dirty with soil. While burying seeds under the earth is the traditional way of growing plants, it’s not the only one. Some techniques allow gardeners to carry out plantation without using the soil. One such method is hydroponics that uses …

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A Starter Guide to Urban Gardening

A Starter Guide To Urban Gardening

Who says you need a wide-open yard to grow a garden with your favorite herbs, fruits and vegetables? If you are a city dweller, living in an apartment or any other area with limited outdoor space, let this not deter you from having your dream garden. With urban gardening, you can grow the vegetables and …

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How to Mulch Your Garden – Organic vs Inorganic

How To Mulch Your Garden: Organic Vs Inorganic

Gardening is a complicated activity. There are multiple aspects that one needs to consider when getting down and dirty in the soil. From the quality of seeds to the ground’s fertility, a grower has to ensure that they provide all the desirable growing conditions for the crops they wish to harvest later. If any of …

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An Ultimate Guide to Garden Sharing

An Ultimate Guide To Garden Sharing

Many people become interested in growing crops and becoming a gardener at some point in their life. But sadly, not everyone has the necessary means to materialize their desire to become a gardener. Often, aspiring gardeners don’t have enough outdoor space for gardening, or they don’t know how to go about it. Either way, a …

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How to Grow Mint In Your Apartment

How To Grow Mint In Your Apartment

Mint is one of the most favored plants for urban gardening and is known for its vigorous growth. Unlike the tough-to-grow houseplants, mint is extremely easy to grow as it doesn’t have any complicated growing needs. Anyone can plant this aromatic herb in their homes regardless of their gardening expertise. Whether a person is a …

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How Often Should You Water Your Garden?

man watering his garden

Garden watering has remained the biggest concerns of all times. Even the most experienced gardeners end up asking this question: “How often should we water our garden?” The answer is not really complicated but requires you to take into account some really small things. If you manage to take care of these things, you can …

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12 Vegetables That You Can Grow on Your Balcony

12 Vegetables That You Can Grow On Your Balcony

You may not have space for a big, beautiful garden, but the good news is, you can still grow some of your favorite vegetables in small spaces such as your balcony. Contrary to popular beliefs, you can grow a thriving balcony garden. Here is a list of easy-to-grow vegetables that you can plant in your …

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