8 Types of Hanging Succulents for Interior Decoration

8 Types of Hanging Succulents for Interior Decoration 1

Succulents that hang or trail add color and greenery to your living space. They’re ideal for empty areas in the home, such as corners, balconies, staircases, and shelves. But what are the best types of hanging succulents for interior decoration? 

The best types of hanging succulents for your home include the Christmas cactus, string of nickels, and Burro’s tail. These all have unique appearances that add visual interest to your home, and the great thing about succulents is that they’re easy to look after as they require minimal care. 

In this article, I’ll explore eight of the best hanging succulents and show you how to look after them, so they thrive. 

How Difficult Is It to Hang Succulents?

It’s not difficult to hang succulents as you can plant them in hanging baskets or containers. What makes them easy to hang is that they’re hardier than many other plants, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them when you install them.

There are also various items and accessories on the market to help you hang succulents, such as wall-mounted planters. 

How Difficult Is It to Maintain Hanging Succulents?

How Difficult Is It to Maintain Hanging Succulents?

Hanging succulents are easy to maintain, just like other types of succulents. They will thrive if you don’t water them too much and give them about six hours of light every day. This is why hanging them in a sunny spot in your home is a good idea. 

That said, this can sometimes be tricky if you want to mount a hanging succulent over a staircase or near a window that doesn’t get enough light. In these cases, you should choose a hanging succulent that doesn’t need a lot of sunlight. 

8 Types of Hanging Succulents for Interior Decoration

There are 4 categories of hanging succulents that will give your home a beautiful makeover. These are 

  • Small hanging succulents 
  • Desert hanging succulents 
  • Maintenance-free hanging succulents 
  • Evergreen hanging succulents 

Let’s explore them all, along with some of the best succulents from each category. 

Small Hanging Succulents

Christmas Cactus

You don’t need a large living space to display hanging succulents. There are gorgeous choices that remain compact, so they’ll fit beautifully into a small area of the home that needs a splash of décor and greenery.  

1. Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) 

This succulent grows to a height of about 6–12 inches (15.24–30.48 cm). It loves being pot-bound, so consider planting it in a hanging container or basket.

Make sure that you let it grow in a small basket for as long as possible before repotting it into a slightly bigger one so that it doesn’t have too much space. It contains long stems that drape over containers. 

You’ll love its tubular flowers that bloom in purple or pink, as this adds even more beauty to your living space.

Keep it in an area where it will get bright but indirect light, such as near an east-facing window or behind a sheer curtain that cuts out some of the harsh afternoon light. Water it when about one-third of its soil feels dry.  

2. String of Nickels (Dischidia Nummularia) 

This beautiful hanging succulent has leaves that look like small green nickels, hence its name. It reaches a height of between 12 and 18 inches (30–45 cm) and can reach a spread of about 20 inches (50.8 cm), so it’s great for display in corners or on bookshelves. 

Make sure you keep your succulent in areas where it gets a small amount of light, as it doesn’t require much. Ideally, keep it in a north-facing window that gets only a bit of light daily. 

Plant it in an orchid potting mix that’s light and drains well. I’d recommend rePotme Phalaenopsis Monterey Dark Imperial Orchid Potting Mix, available from Amazon. It protects roots against root rot from overwatering and comes in a resealable bag to keep it fresh. 

Read our guide, The Best Potting Soil For Succulents (2022), to find out more about choosing the most effective potting soil for these plants.  

Desert Hanging Succulents

Burro’s Tail (Sedum Morganianum)

Desert plants usually have fleshy leaves that are capable of storing water, which means that they don’t need a lot of watering. Here are some unusual and beautiful desert-hanging succulents and what makes them special. 

1. Burro’s Tail (Sedum Morganianum)

This houseplant hails from the desert regions of southern Mexico. It has long stems with teardrop-shaped leaves hanging off them, and the stems can reach up to four feet (1.2 m) in length. Burro’s Tail works best in hanging baskets but put them in an area where they’ll be seen, as their greenish-blue color is stunning. 

Just ensure that you keep this succulent away from direct sunlight, as it can scorch the plant’s leaves. Ideally, a blend of brightness and shade encourages this plant’s growth. 

When it comes to the plant’s watering requirements, aim to water it whenever the top of its soil feels dry. 

2. Little Pickles (Othonna Capensis) 

Although this succulent is low-growing, little pickles is a trailing plant. It originates from the dry, rocky regions in South Africa, as Missouri Botanical Garden reports. It can be planted in pots or containers, as it drapes over the edges beautifully.

Its stems can reach up to three feet (0.9 m) in length, so it also works well as ground cover if you want to move it into the garden in the future. 

Give little pickles lots of sunlight and soil that drains well. Make sure you choose a pot with drainage holes at the bottom. Fill the pot with succulent soil that has about 50% of perlite or coarse sand, as this will encourage drainage. 

Maintenance Free 

Senecio Radicans

Although succulents are generally easy to look after, there are some that are especially low maintenance. These are great for you if you’re the type of person who travels a lot or neglects their plants because you lead a busy life.  

1. Ice Plant (Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis) 

This easy-to-look-after succulent displays flowers that look like daisies. It’s low maintenance because you just have to ensure that it’s planted in a sunny area. To make the most of how its leaves trail and hang, drape it over a wall in your home.

It will reach a height of around 0.75 feet (0.2 m), and it can also achieve a width that’s around two feet (0.6 m).  

Make sure it’s planted in soil with good drainage, and don’t water it too much or too little. Never let its soil become completely dry, as the Missouri Botanical Garden reports.  

2. String of Bananas (Senecio Radicans) 

With its glossy green leaves that look like bananas, this striking hanging succulent will add a dash of greenery to your home. And, since it’s low maintenance, you don’t have to work too hard to keep it looking beautiful.

This hanging succulent that comes from South Africa can reach a height of around 36 inches (91.44 cm). 

To care for it, make sure you give it a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight every day and avoid putting it in an area of the home where it’s exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. 


Ceropegia Haygarthii

Plants with foliage that stays green throughout the year will ensure that your garden or home still looks stunning during the colder months when everything else is dying.

Let’s explore some of the best evergreen hanging succulents. To read more about the best indoor winter plants, read our guide, What Are the Best Indoor Winter Plants For This Winter Season? 

1. Hindu Rope Plant (Hoya Carnosa) 

This semi-succulent plant has curling vines and waxy leaves. It’s native to locations such as East Asia and Australia and blooms in star-shaped flowers during the growing months. Since this plant hangs easily and can reach a length of about 15 inches (38 cm), it looks great when displayed on shelves or windowsills. 

It stays green all year round but needs a bit of care to ensure that it thrives. You need to keep this plant’s pot in an area of the home that gets bright, indirect light.

Avoid putting it in a harshly lit area, as this can scorch its leaves. It also needs to be watered sparingly. Only water it when about two or three inches (5.08–7.62 cm) of the soil is dry. 

2. Lantern Flower (Ceropegia Haygarthii) 

Lantern flowers grow to around 10 feet (3 m) long. They have pale green stems and bear purple flowers that trap insects that feed on their nectar. The Lantern flower is a semi-evergreen succulent with a unique appearance, so it should be placed in an area of the home where it is out on display. 

These plants are resistant to dry and drought conditions, so let the soil dry out in-between waterings. It wants a bit of shade every day, so it’s ideal for windows that don’t get a lot of sun.  


If you want to make the most of the vertical space in your home, consider hanging succulents. Various hanging succulents provide charm and beauty to your living space, and you can find them in different categories.

  • A small hanging succulent, such as a Christmas cactus 
  • A desert-hanging succulent, such as a Burro’s tail
  • A low-maintenance succulent, such as an ice plant  
  • An evergreen hanging succulent, such as a lantern flower 

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