Caring For Hanging Baskets In Full Sun

Caring For Hanging Baskets In Full Sun

Do you have hanging baskets in full sun and aren’t sure how to care for them? Maybe you can only hang hanging baskets in full sun and want to know what to plant in them?

Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter the reason that brought you here today, we have the answers for you! 

Finding out how to care for hanging baskets in full sun can be tricky, especially if you have never had them before.

You head online for some guidance but are met with page after page of confusing and conflicting information, leaving you unsure where to turn or who to trust.

Frustrated and overwhelmed, you wonder if you will ever find out how to care for your hanging baskets. 

Well, that is where we come in! Today we are here with our complete guide to caring for hanging baskets in full sun!

Keep reading to find out how to stop your hanging baskets from drying out, how often to water them, and what to plant in your hanging baskets! Get ready to become an expert today.

How To Stop Hanging Baskets Drying Out

Let’s dive straight into it! Adding mulch and water-retaining products like granules or crystals is a fantastic way to stop your hanging baskets from drying out on hot days.

These additions to your potting mix will swell up and retain water. Over time, they release the water into the soil. 

Not only does this stop the soil from drying out, but it cuts down on how often you need to water your hanging baskets!

You should still feed your hanging baskets once a week with a liquid organic fertilizer. This helps to produce blooms and adds nutrients to the soil. 

Most hanging baskets have a limited amount of nutrient value in the potting mix which tends to get eaten in the first few weeks by your plants.

Combine this with frequent watering and your plants will be crying out for some extra nutrients to be added to the soil. 

Water your hanging baskets deeply, to ensure that all of the soil is hydrated. After watering, feed your plant.

This way, your hanging basket remains hydrated and can absorb more of the nutrients you are providing. 

How Often Should I Water Hanging Baskets In Full Sun?

When it comes to hanging baskets in full sun, you don’t need to worry about overwatering too much. Any excess water will run out of the bottom, so issues like root rot aren’t something to worry about. 

To test when you need to water your hanging baskets, touch the soil. If it is dry, it’s time to water the baskets!

In extremely hot weather, you might need to water your hanging baskets twice a day. We recommend checking the soil early in the morning and again in the late afternoon or early evening. 

When you water your hanging baskets, water until water flows out of the basket, ensuring all the soil has been watered.

If you aren’t giving your hanging baskets enough water, the soil will pull away from the edge of the basket. The soil ball will shrink slightly too.

When you water your hanging basket next, the water will pour through the gap between the soil and the basket rather than into the soil. 

You must check the soil regularly to prevent this from happening and ensure that your hanging baskets have plenty of moisture!

If you do find that your soil is excessively dry, place your basket into a bucket of water. Leave for roughly one hour.

This will help the water to be absorbed through the bottom of the basket, rehydrating your soil and plants! 

Hanging Baskets For Full Sun And Heat 

Your plants will try to cool down in extreme heat by transferring water to their leaves.

But even drought-tolerant plants can become stressed during extreme heat, so you need to keep an eye on them. Look for wilted or brown leaves.

Often these are a defense mechanism from the heat and once you water them or the temperatures drop, the leaves should recover. 

You can also protect your plants by temporarily moving them during a heatwave.

You can move them to shaded areas or cover them with an umbrella to create shade.

During heatwaves, ensure that your plants have plenty of moisture and water them frequently. 

Best Hanging Baskets For Full Sun

Caring For Hanging Baskets In Full Sun 1

Now that you know how to care for your hanging baskets in full sun, let’s take a look at what the best flowers are to put in hanging baskets in the full sun!

Make sure that you opt for a large basket, as these have more soil and will dry out slower, reducing how often you need to water them. 

Below are some of our favorite flowers and plants that are great for hanging baskets in full sun! 


Not only are geraniums full of color, but they are low maintenance, making them an ideal flower for your hanging basket!

We think the ivy variety works well in hanging baskets. Be sure to deadhead regularly, and you will get tons of new blooms! 

Million Bells (Calibrachoa)

Million Bells are super easy to grow and maintain blooming millions of flowers! They come in a variety of colors too, so you can find some that suit your garden.

They are self-cleaning too, so you never need to worry about deadheading. 

Plus, it doesn’t take long for you to reap the rewards of these flowers. In roughly one month, these flowers can look stunning depending on the conditions! 


Petunias can sometimes look a little leggy in hanging baskets, but providing you trim them, they will be sensational in your hanging basket!

We recommend cutting them back about six inches, forcing new flowers in roughly two weeks. 

Petunias thrive in dry summers, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect them! Water them in hanging baskets regularly. 

Portulaca (Sun Rose Or Moss Rose)

Portulaca is super easy to grow in containers or hanging baskets. They need to be watered only when the top soil is dry and thrive in hot and dry weather! Trim them regularly to ensure you get plenty of flowers. 

You need to take care in temperatures over 45 degrees Fahrenheit, as these can cause Petunias to die off. 

Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Diamond Frost Euphorbia is similar to Baby’s Breath, providing you with lots of small white flowers. They work beautifully as fillers in mixed hanging baskets, providing a wonderful contrast in size and color. 


Lobelia will flower for the entire season, making them a fantastic flower for your hanging basket. They can also be planted on the outside of your hanging basket flower ball, giving a cascading effect! 

They come in a variety of colors from purple to violet, with yellow or white in some varieties. If you want a pop of color in your baskets, these are the flowers for you! 

Licorice Plant (Helichrysum Petiolare)

Licorice plants love sunny environments and the heat, making them ideal for full-sun hanging baskets.

They are also drought tolerant with low water needs, making them a wonderful plant to add! Plus, their green foliage is sure to be the hit of your hanging basket! 


Opt for long-blooming verbenas that are heat tolerant too for your full sun hanging baskets. They just need a trim when they get leggy and you can enjoy the wonderful flowers for most of the season! 

Vinca (Annual Vinca)

You need to pinch your Vinca blooms to create a fuller plant. They also come in a trailing variety which is perfect for your hanging baskets! Plus they are easy to grow and love the summer heat. 

With a variety of colors available, you are sure to find one that suits your garden. 

Black-Eyed Susan Vine (Thunbergia Alata)

Black Eyed Susan is easy to grow, with little maintenance required. Their bright yellow and white flowers are a wonderful addition to your hanging basket! 

Violas And Pansies

You can fill your basket easily with Violas and Pansies. Their yellow and purple colors complement each other beautifully. They are also a good choice for cool-season annuals in warmer climates. 


Nasturtiums require little maintenance and bloom well in the full sun, with trailing varieties working beautifully in hanging baskets. You can choose from single and double vanities, with their flowers being edible! 

What’s more, they don’t require any fertilizing, reducing their blooms. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, how to care for your hanging baskets during full sun!

Frequently watering and providing fertilizer will help your blooms to stay hydrated and to produce plenty of flowers.

Make sure you are watering the baskets thoroughly to prevent dehydration. 

Although the list we provided you with is not exhaustive, it is a good guide to what flowers work well in hanging baskets and will help you to create stunning hanging baskets to display in the full sun!

About The Author

Gina Harper grew up dreaming about farms and growing her own food. She began an urban garden to feed herself and turned it into an incredible hobby. Gina is here to teach you everything from raised beds to container gardening, how to keep plants alive and well in a smoggy city, and the works. It’s time that we carve our own piece of green earth and reap what we sow—she’s here to help you with that.