Best Mini Greenhouse Kit for Your First Urban Garden

Best Mini Greenhouse Kit For Your First Urban Garden







Best Mini Greenhouse Kit for Your First Urban Garden 1

BEST OVERALL - Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse


Best Mini Greenhouse Kit for Your First Urban Garden 2

RUNNER UP - Palram Nature Greenhouse Forest Green


Best Mini Greenhouse Kit for Your First Urban Garden 3

Gardman R687 Mini Greenhouse


Best Mini Greenhouse Kit for Your First Urban Garden 4

Quictent Portable Cloche Mini Greenhouse


Best Mini Greenhouse Kit for Your First Urban Garden 5

Deluxe Walk-In Ogrow Portable Greenhouse

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You have probably seen people with a greenhouse in their backyard and have secretly envied them, wishing that your outdoor space was as large as theirs to accommodate a greenhouse, too.

Clearly, having a greenhouse has a lot of benefits. Firstly, and most importantly, a greenhouse allows you to enjoy an all-year-round gardening.

No matter the weather, you can grow your favorite plants in the greenhouse. Whether it’s raining heavily or there’s a spell of drought, nothing can hamper your plants’ growth in the greenhouse. 

Additionally, your plants stay safe from serious seasonal infestations such as spider mites, caterpillars, locust swarms, etc. You can make sure your plants enjoy optimum growth throughout the year

However, what if we tell you that you do not necessarily need a typically “large greenhouse” to enjoy all-season gardening?

There’s an excellent alternative to traditional (also known as freestanding) greenhouses – a mini greenhouse! However small or medium your outdoor space is, a small greenhouse kit can come in handy, allowing you to build the greenhouse outdoors. 

Available in varying sizes and prices, you can easily find mini greenhouses that meet your requirements and offer you a chance to enjoy your gardening hobby at any time of the year. Take a look at some of the best mini greenhouse kits available on the market today! 

Best Overall – Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse

Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse

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Featured Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 1.5’ x 2.25’ x 5.25’
  • Frame Material: Metal tubes, PE cover, plastic connectors, and metal zippers
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Walk-In: No
  • Number of Shelves:


The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse is a sturdy, compact, and portable greenhouse for small, young plants. Designed with heavy-duty steel wires and tubes, the rock-solid structure offers extended durability.

Able to handle a 23.4lb weight capacity, the small greenhouse is strong enough to accommodate small and mid-sized pots, plants, and seed trays.

The high portability enables you to move the item around with super ease, depending on the growing conditions of your plants. 

The greenhouse also features a zippered roll-up door. This makes it easier to access the plants inside. Plus, it offers screened ventilation for proper air circulation.

Covered with a sturdy, green cover, the small plant nursery can beautify your patio, deck, balcony, or garden with a hint of green.

The durable cover is also UV resistant, waterproof, and antioxidant, ensuring your plants stay happy and prosperous all year round. Easy to assemble and available with detachable parts, the small greenhouse is easy to set up and move around wherever you prefer. No tools needed. 


The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse has a few minor drawbacks. Firstly, it comes with no accessories, such as pegs, ropes, holding poles, or belts.

If you need these components while assembling the structure, you will need to get them separately. Unlike many modern greenhouses, this one lacks walk-in and observational windows. 

Extra Features

The Ohuhu Greenhouse is structured to offer a lovely environment for your small plants to grow healthy in all four seasons. The greenhouse is made from stable PE material that shields the plants from wind, snow, and rain.

Ranging from 27” in length, 18” in width, and 62” in height, the greenhouse with four shelves will allow you to display your small yet lovely plants in every season. 

Buying Advice

The Ohuhu Greenhouse is a winner for a reason. This greenhouse offers maximum longevity and, that too, at a fair price. It’s a great value for money indeed. Its green cover is the most outstanding feature which not only keeps the plants safe but also elevates the garden’s beauty. The greenhouse is worth the investment! 

Runner Up – Palram Nature Greenhouse Forest Green

Palram Nature Greenhouse Forest Green

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Featured Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 81.9’ x 72.8’ x 51.1’ 
  • Frame Material: Aluminum 
  • Weight: 31.2 kg 
  • Walk-In: Yes
  • Number of Shelves: 0


The Palram Nature Greenhouse is a freestanding greenhouse kit, easy and quick to assemble in a small outdoor space. This greenhouse comes in a perfect size and shape and holds several plants with no fuss at all. 

Build from two advanced polycarbonate panels and a strong, durable frame, the structure is unbreakable and lasts for ages.

The 4mm twin-wall roof can block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays, and the sparkling clear side panels allow 90% of light transmission to prevent plant burn.

Keeping your favorite plants in this greenhouse will be the perfect way to ensure their optimum growth all year round. 

Plenty of other cool features are included in the Palram Nature Greenhouse, making it invaluable. It is integrated with rain gutters that disperse rainwater and collect it for a suitable irrigation system.

The aluminum frame is durable, rust-proof, and maintenance-free, allowing you to practice your green thumb with a carefree attitude. You won’t have to worry about the maintenance at all.


One of the drawbacks of the Palram Nature Greenhouse is its lack of portability. With metal finishing, it’s not so easy to change the placement of the greenhouse. That said, the plant’s freestanding design makes it easy to place once and for all.

This greenhouse also lacks shelves and added accessories or tools for quick assembly. The overall cost is slightly higher than to other more affordable small greenhouses kits out there. 

Extra Features

The Palram Nature Greenhouse comes with an added roof vent for extra ventilation. The long, magnetic door ensures optimum flow of oxygen and lower temperature on blazing summer days.

The lock system on the side panels keeps the frame in shape at all times. The door also comes with a sturdy lock, keeping your precious plants safe. The roof and walls are wide and high, respectively, taking an average setup time not more than 4 – 5 hours. 

The best part is that the greenhouse comes with five years of warranty, so in case the item fails to meet your requirement, you can get it repaired or replaced for free.

Buying Advice 

The Palram Nature Hybrid Greenhouse is a perfect kit for beginners and advanced gardeners.

Even though an adult is required for its assembly, once you’re past that stage, the greenhouse is easy to look after and maintain. All your flower pots and vegetable plants will remain in their best state at all times. 

Alternative 1 – Gardman R687 Mini Greenhouse 

Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

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Featured Specifications

  • Dimensions: 27” long x 18” wide x 63” high 
  • Frame Material: Steel and transparent
  • Weight: 4.3 kg 
  • Walk-In: No 
  • Number of Shelves: 3


The Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse is fit for small homes with congested yards. It can easily be placed on a patio, deck, or balcony and upgrade the beauty of your tiny outdoor space.

Though the mini greenhouse may seem as if it can’t resist extreme weather conditions, it’ actually keeps flower plants safe from extra heat, humidity, and protection from pests and other natural elements – thanks to its clear polyethylene cover. 

It is 27 x 18 x 63 inches, making it small, portable, yet spacious enough to hold all your favorite plants in one place.

The roll-up zippered door makes for easy access, and steel frames with a strong build allow for quick assemble, not taking more than a few minutes without any tools. 

Another great benefit of the Gardman R687 is its portability. Being compact and lightweight, this mini greenhouse can easily be moved around as the condition demands.

There’s certainly a lot to love about this product. With this one, you can grow a variety of plants, including flowers, vegetables, house plants, exotic plants, bulb plants, and all sorts of seedlings.

You can also change the choice of your plants every year and grow a combination of plants. No matter what you want to grow and when you want to grow, this greenhouse can be just the solution for your gardening needs. 


For all its benefits, there are still a few things you should be aware of before buying this greenhouse. The product can exhibit chemicals, such as Ethylhexyl and phthalate, which are known to cause cancer.

So, when you get this greenhouse, you can expect to be exposed to a strange odor. However, keeping it outside for some time will help you get rid of the smell. 

Extra Features

The Gardman R687 is a solid greenhouse with deep steel shelves, allowing you to keep small heavy pots without a speck of worry. The greenhouse offers extra stability against natural elements such as wind.

It comes with guy ropes and metal stakes that prevent the product from plummeting. The greenhouse remains steadfast in its position and maintains the quality of plants no matter how worse the weather is. 

For 100% security, a zip tie is found from the frame to the shelves and thick tabs on the back to fasten the tiny nursery to a wall or patio railing. 

Buying Advice 

This is a quality and portable greenhouse, ideal for small outdoor living spaces. It gives you plenty of room to enhance the plant’s space.

For example, you can add a mix of grow lights, hygrometer/thermometer, fans, or heating mats to enrich your plants’ growth in the greenhouse.

Affordable and easy to assemble – all the more reason to invest in the Gardman!

alternative 2 – Quictent Portable Cloche Mini Greenhouse

Quictent 71" WX 36" D X 36" H Portable Cloche Mini Greenhouse

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Featured Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 71” wide x 36” deep x 36” high 
  • Frame Material: Steel 
  • Weight: 4.08 kg 
  • Walk-In: Yes
  • Number of Shelves:


The Quictent 71 H Portable Cloche Mini Greenhouse is a top-quality structure that provides protection to plants from heat and cold. The greenhouse comes with a solid steel frame and a transparent cover that has zips for ventilation and quick access.

Customers that buy this product always have nice things to say about this product. For instance, customers recount that they enjoy a 95% germination rate rather than usual 80%.

This is because the greenhouse keeps the ground warm. Two doors and four zippers ensure that the greenhouse stays tight and cozy for the necessary warmth. 

The steel framework is powder-coated, protecting it against harmful ultraviolet rays.

The PE cover is also waterproof and pest-resistant, keeping all the plants safe and secure from heavy rain and in-ground insects. When need be, the two large doors can be fully opened up, making the greenhouse roomier with better ventilation. 


The Quictent Cloche Mini Greenhouse is designed from a flimsy plastic that may tear away under poor weather conditions. The quality of the zipper is not the best. You may face difficulty opening or closing the cover. 

Extra Features

With so many features to offer, the greenhouse is bound to appeal to you. However, to fall in love with the product ever so more, you’ll be delighted to know that the greenhouse comes with all the necessary assembly parts.

You won’t have to invest in them separately. It’s also easy to assemble the greenhouse. You won’t require outside help to set up the product.

What’s more amazing is that the cover is long enough to cover flower beds. In addition to flower pots, you can place lines of raised flower beds in the greenhouse. The product is quite affordable to buy, ideal for economical buyers. 

Buying Advice 

If you want to extend your gardening season to all year round, this is a perfect small greenhouse kit to invest in. It’s wide and large enough to grow all kinds of plants ranging from small size to medium-large plants.

With improved germination to optimum protection, the greenhouse has a lot to offer. Consider this if you want to turn your gardening hobby into serious business. 

Alternative 3 – Deluxe Walk-In Ogrow Portable Greenhouse

Deluxe Walk-In Ogrow Portable Greenhouse

(Editor’s note: we get paid a small commission if you make a purchase through the links above. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it helps us keep the lights on over here. Thank you for your support!)

Featured Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 77” height x 56” width x 29” depth 
  • Frame Material: Steel 
  • Weight: 6.8 kg 
  • Walk-In: Yes
  • Number of Shelves: 6


The Deluxe Walk-In 3 Tier Ogrow Portable Greenhouse is well-constructed using top-quality steel material. It comes with heavy-duty powder-coated steel shelves with plastic covering. The transparent vinyl covering allows a clear display of greens, uplifting the outdoor beauty instantly. 

You can roll up the vinyl covering and have easy access to the six metal shelves installed inside the greenhouse. Place your favorite pots on top of these solid side panels and enjoy all-year gardening.

To ensure regular air circulation, you can open the covering and tie them up so that your plants receive much-needed light air or rain. 

The structure is evidently portable, which means you can fit it anywhere, be it your lawn, garden, yard, deck, patio, or even balcony.

Don’t worry about the structure getting faded or cracked in the sun. The dark-green powder-coated frame will protect the product from getting rusty or damaged. 


This greenhouse has small parts, which can be a choking hazard for children under three years. Hence, if you have small kids at home, you will have to be extremely careful while setting up the greenhouse.

Also, the greenhouse is designed in such a way that it allows 8 – 12 small-sized plants. You can’t use this to place large pots or long flower beds. 

Extra Features

The Deluxe Portable Greenhouse is easy to manage and assemble. You don’t need any hardware to set up the greenhouse.

The instruction manual is easy to follow, so if you have no experience in assembling a greenhouse before, you’ll face no issue whatsoever. 

The stars of the product are the metal shelves and transparent cover, which accommodates small heavy pots easily and lets you have a clear display of your plants respectively.

Additionally, there is a solid and secure anchor system which keeps the greenhouse sturdy during the worst of weather conditions. 

Buying Advice

If you want to turn your love for gardening into a full-time passion, don’t think twice and get this best mini greenhouse kit for your urban garden.

It is made from high-quality plastic with smooth connectors and solid metal shelves and frames. With this greenhouse in your outdoor space, you can enjoy a bright growing season all year!

Mini Greenhouse FAQs 

Are Mini Greenhouses any Good?


Mini greenhouses are not meant for all types of gardening. However, for what they are designed for, they can be supremely handy.

They can be placed in small outdoor areas such as your yard or balcony. The high-quality ones can protect your plants from all sorts of elements – harmful UV rays, harsh winds, or extreme rainfalls. 

Small greenhouses work best for seed starting. This is the biggest strength of mini greenhouses, especially if you select the one with a single shelf. Mini greenhouses are also great when you want to clone your plants and already exist in your landscape. 

How Does a Mini Greenhouse Work?

A small greenhouse is designed to maintain the optimum temperature in the soil and air. This results in seed germination. 

Also, many mini greenhouses come with a plastic or metal tray that is used to keep soil or plants and sturdy plastic covering to allow light in.

Depending on the weather condition, most greenhouses can be relocated. They are compact and portable, so it’s easy to move them around and enjoy gardening at any point in time. 

Do Mini Greenhouses Protect from Frost?

Many gardeners that want to extend the growing season well into winter can do so by using small greenhouse kits. These handy greenhouses keep the air and soil suitable for the plant to grow healthily during the cold season. 

Despite the frosty weather, the greenhouse can allow the plants to grow to their full size. However, for some small greenhouses, you will need to consider added protection for your plants.

Since not all greenhouse covers are meant to resist bitter cold, you will need to consider using fan heaters, heating panels, heating beds, etc. Some small greenhouses can be moved indoors as well.

If your small greenhouse is fit for both indoors and outdoors, you can consider bringing them inside your house during winter. 

Where to Set Up Your Mini Greenhouse?

The best thing about mini greenhouses is that they can be put in small outdoor spaces such as the lawn, yard, patio, deck, or even balcony.

According to experts, you should avoid placing a small greenhouse in an exposed area where it is vulnerable to blow over. A better placement is somewhere next to a fence or wall. For additional aid, you can position containers on either side to prevent them from falling over. 


While small greenhouse kits do not offer the same luxuries as a conventional greenhouse does, they still are an excellent alternative. Unlike the latter, they are light and compact.

They can be put in small areas without any fuss. When you go shopping for the best mini greenhouse kit for your first urban garden, our list will help you make the right decision.

If you know someone who is in search of a high-quality small greenhouse, be of good help and share this article with them!

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