Monday’s Winners and Day 1 Gift Idea

Congratulations to Katy Foster and Karin Stoner for being our winners of the weekly Harper’s $25 gift certificates!! There might be no better time to win one that this time of year. Today we begin our daily gift from the garden posting. Every day from now til Christmas eve we will post a gift idea from the nursery. Hope you enjoy them and find the ideas useful!

Today-Amaryllis bulbs. We carry no ordinary bulbs, but ones that measure 35-40 cm. That just means they are extra big and they’ll have a ton of blooms much larger than the normal “boxed” bulb!

gift idea from the nursery-day 1

Amaryllis are an easy gift idea and as you can see from the picture they are already starting to grow and might bloom just in time for Christmas!

Good Growin’

The Harper Boys-Making great gift suggestions since 1945!!

Can you believe it is Monday already-got winners?

Wow! Hard to believe it is Monday already and even harder to believe that October is nearly gone and Halloween is upon us!  Well since it is Monday we again have winners!! We have drawn for $25 gift certificates at both our locations. The lucky winners are: Pat Nichols and Kathleen Shelton!! Congratulations and thanks for playing!

Speaking of playing, we gave away 100 pumpkins Saturday at our Great Pumpkin Hunt. Thanks to all the little ghosts and goblins for coming around and scarin up some Halloween fun!!

Good Growin

The Harper Boys-Keeping you from being scared of your garden since 1945!

We Continue Our Winning Ways On Mondays!

There is no end to it! Every Monday without fail, we draw the names of two lucky winners (one from each location). A $25 gift card to Harper’s is the prize. The catch is you have to come in and fill out an entry form to win-that’s it. Just play along and watch your emails for the announcement that you’re the big winner! Jim Pinnella and Sally Roman are the lucky winners this week. Congratulations and thanks for playing!

If you didn’t hear (must be living in a cave-it’d be cooler there I suppose) it is going to be a tad warm this week. During these kind of temps is when we see the most damage and stress to plants due to improper watering. If you want ot know what “deep,slow” watering looks like click on the link below or go to You Tube and search for Harpers Nurseries. This is a short video of what it means and looks like to water slowly!!

Good Growin and Stay Cool!!

Slow Watering!!

Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!!

And The Winner Is!!

Ms. Lynn Holbrook is the winner of our weekly plant trivia contest! Congratulations Lynn! A FREE Oleander is waiting for you at the Harper’s Nursery!!

Don’t Just Stand There-Plant Something! It is almost Arbor Day afterall.

Monday Of “Green Holiday” Week-Winners!

First of all thanks to Bill Casenhiser of the City Of Scottsdale, Patty Beuerlein of Gro Well, and Barb Layton of the Master Gardeners for coming out Saturday and helping us usher in Earth Day and Arbor day aka Green Holiday Week!  Remember that Arbor Day is this Friday!! 

Our weekly drawing winners are Kim DeSantis and Gail Bruning. Congratulations and we hope you’ll come in this week and help make our planet a little greener and or shadier!!

To Celebrate Arbor Day:

  • $10 OFF on purchases of $50 or more-
  • $22 OFF on $100 and up
  • $27 OFF over $150

Plant A Tree This Week For Arbor Day!

25$ Gift Card Winners Announced!

We actually look forward to Mondays because we get to make the day of at least 2 people on every one of them! That is because we draw our weekly winners of a $25 gift card at both Harper’s locations every Monday am. You didn’t win? Be sure to fill out an entry form every time you visit-play early and often!

Today’s winners are Karen and Yosef Morgan and Sharon Ratliff! Congratulations and thanks for playing!!

Wednesday: Getting Us Over The Hump & Saving 10%

It is good ol’ Wednesday again. You’re half way there, you can do it, hang on!! Or better yet come on in to Harper’s, relax enjoy the atmosphere of the garden and all Ladies and Sr’s save 10% today by picking up those weekend project/gardening items.
In case you missed it, Mark Budwell was the winner of the plant trivia contest yesterday. Mark correctly guessed “red fairy duster” as the answer. We hope mark enjoys his new plant, the hummingbirds will for sure! Maricopa Red fairy duster will be the “featured” plant of the week on the radio show this Saturday so stay tuned and learn more about it!!
Have a great Wednesday-Hope to help you save 10% today!! Good Growin’
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!

Happy Birthday George and Abe!!

Today we celebrate two of our greatest presidents, yes that is why you have the day off!! We hope you’ll come spend some of your day off with us since we are working!! We hope that Theresa Robbins and Mary Fallon will join us since they both have a $25 gift certificate to spend. Yes , they were the lucky winners of this week’s drawing. Have a great day off and let’s take advantage of the great weather to make your garden one George and Abe would be proud of!

Plant Trivia Winner Is K Val!

Congragulations K Val! The first correct answer to the plant trivia contest-white lantana. This low spreading variety is a great compliment to othe colors of lantana. Did you know that white flowers show up better at night? Keep that in mind when planning areas in the garden where you might entertain in the evening hours!

Ladies/Sr’s and Tomatoes!!

What a beautiful day! Even better if you happen to be a lady or a senior! As every wednesday you receive 10% OFF! And for our lucky winner of yesterday’s contest, Christine Nimitz-a FREE tomato plant! Yes tomatoes are in and ready! So Sr’s and ladies it is time to garden. Ready, Set, Grow-see you in the tomato patch! Good Growin’
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown….It’s What We Do & Who We Are

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