A Big Week For Goin’ Green!

In the next week or so two “holidays” will be observed that our industry and Harper’s take part in on a daily basis. This coming Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day. Earth Day was started on April 22nd 1970 by then Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson. Earth Day 1970 achieved a rare political alignment, enlisting support from Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, city slickers and farmers, tycoons and labor leaders. Many a tree,shrub,and garden have been planted in observance and hopefully many will continue to be.

A week from Friday, April 27th is Arbor Day in Arizona. Arbor Day started by Nebraska settler J.Sterling Nelson on April 10,1872. Nelson missed his Michigan forest and trees were needed for shade,wind breaks, and to reduce soil erosion (all great reasons to plant today!) in the early days of Nebraska. So enamored by trees and their beauty and benefit Nelson pushed to have an “official” day put in place for the celebration of planting trees.

Harper’s and the nursery industry in Arizona have begun a campaign called “Just Plant Something”. A modern day revival of both these days I suppose. We hope you’ll partake every day in the cause of making our planet a more beautiful place, we do. We will be having some special events over the next week to help celebrate the “official” dates.

So whether you want to improve your life with shade or fruit trees or you want to eat healthier Harper’s will try and help you in your endeavor to “GO GREEN”. It is what we do every day!

Donna DiFrancesco, the water specialist for the city of Mesa will be calling in to the Rosie On The House Show at 8:30 or so on Saturday am. Tune in to 92.3 fm KTAR to hear Donna an other Earth/Arbor Day ideas!

Last but not least, Harper’s will be celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day by giving  $10 OFF ON PURCHASES OF $50 OR MORE AND $22 OFF FOR PURCHASES OF $100 OR MORE AND $27 OFF ON PURCHASES OF OVER $150!!! This goes into effect Friday April 20th and is good thru April 30,2012.

Don’t Just Stand There-Plant Something!!

Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!!

Harper’s Weekly Garden Tip:

Take a deep breath. Can you smell ‘em? Yep, the sweet smell of citrus blossoms, means it is spring and time to plant -citrus as well!! Why not plant something that double in the program. Citrus provide shade, privacy, fragrance,and color to the landscape and patio. They come in standard sizes or in dwarf which can doll up your patio and be grown in containers as well as in the ground. Ornamental citrus or a.k.a. sour orange makes a great screen or hedge and provides great color (the ripe fruit) and the fragrance as well. So if you’re planning out your landscape or just looking to replace a tree or large shrub in the garden or on the patio, citrus might just be the ticket!

If you need help deciding where to plant or how to design your garden we can help with that too. Harper’s landscape team would be glad to come out and see how citrus might just fit into that resort style backyard you’d like to plan and have done, just in time for our outdoor living season! Give Jerry Harper a call today to set up an evaluation of your garden. You can reach Jerry at 602 659 5994. Of course you can come in and pick up a nice dwarf citrus and take it home with your today, or we will deliver and plant any citrus tree for you! Good Growin’
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!

Gifts From The Garden-10 Shopping Days Left-20% OFF Planting!

How about a gift of service, or planting a tree in memory of someone special? What a great gift either way. As you may, or may not, know-Harper’s delivers and plants everything we sell. We also do complete landscape design and installation. There is still time to have a tree or a few plants or some pots planted before Christmas. Come in or call by phone today and get 20% OFF on the total price of the job. Order must be placed today and cannot include any previously ordered jobs or landscape contracts-in store merchandise only. Surprise some one or honor a loved one, either way planting a tree or plants for Christmas is a great, practical, and definitely one of a kind gift. Don’t just stand there-Plant Something!!

Are You Taking Advantage Of The Rain?

It is a little wet outside this morning. We don’t get many of these days and most gardeners don’t take full advantage of the natural moisture. Today is a great day to fertilize or apply pre emergent herbicides as they are going on top of wet ground and perhaps more moisture thru the day will help water them in without having to run the sprinklers. Today is a fantastic day to dig holes for trees and or shrubs. The soil is somewhat softened the plant will be in much less stress if it goes in the ground that is already moist and the atmosphere is damp which reduces transpiration and moisture loss from the plant so there virtually no stress. Perhaps most important, no sweat! Cool cloudy days allow us, me especially to not have to worry about sun screen, big hats, and perspiration. I love gardening in a long sleeve shirt and not having to ring it out or having sunscreen drip into my eyes!! Hope you take full advantage of one of the few cloudy wet days to garden here in the desert. Remember vets and military personnel we are still giving a 20% discount thru today! Good Growin’.

Harper’s Weekly Newsletter-What Is A Plant Worth?

How Do You Value Your Landscape?
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Is Your Landscape or Garden An Investment?

We had a caller to the Garden Segment of the Rosie On The House Show last week asking “how she could save her 35 year old plant”. This is not that unusual a call or question.  My question, is what is the real value of that plant or the entire landscape, and what do you expect from your landscape?  I am perplexed that folks would spend many times what the replacement value and certainly the original purchase price of the plant in fertilizers, soil additives, magic potions, etc to try and save or “resurrect” the plant. Usually my question back to them is how long do they expect their dishwasher, water heater, refrigerator, etc to last. These much more expensive household products last nowhere near as long as most plants. We  generally have no issue coming to the decision that replacement or remodeling is the right move vs. repair. So perhaps we need to change the way we look at our outdoor living space, especially in light of the current economy. Your landscape is the first thing you see when you pull up to your house, it may be the last thing you see when you leave. How does it make you feel when you come home? How does your neighbor across the street feel when they walk out their door every morning? For what can be a very small “investment” you can change the look and feel of your entire home. In the case of the caller mentioned, one $35 plant may have give the look of her home a whole new feel. Certainly for much less than a kitchen or bath remodel you can give your whole front and back yard a whole new and refreshing look. A properly placed tree can save you money on your utility bill and you might just like your yard so much that staying home instead of taking an expensive vacation to some exotic resort would be just the ticket for the old retirement fund! My guess is you’ll be a whole lot more popular with the neighbors as well!
I would challenge you to really take a look around you this fall and objectively evaluate what your landscape looks like. Is it everything you want it to be? Does it improve the value of your home or your lifestyle? Do you have a garden or just a “yard”. Harper’s and the Arizona Nursery Association are joining together to promote the benefits of plants. We’d love to help you make the answer to the above questions a resounding YES!. Give us a call if you’d like to have us come out and evaluate your landscape, or hellp you turn your yard back into the garden it was meant to be-that is after all where we were meant to be! “JUST PLANT SOMETHING”!!                              just plant somethin


Well officially tomorow is the first day of Fall! So this is the last day of Summer-any one sad about that? To kick Fall off we have a couple of things you should know about this weekend.

  • Edible Landscape Class at our Mesa location Saturday at 9am.
  • Link To Register For Edible Plant Class
  • Sun Country Iris Society Rhizome Sale at our Mesa location Saturday 9/24 at 9am until 2 or while they last!!

Weather Facts For Fall
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October: Average High 88.1  Average Low 60.8 Average Rainfall .7 inches
November                       74.9                        48.9                             .7
Don’t those sound good!  The weather is improving daily-be sure you have prepared you soil before you plant. The soil doesn’t cool off or improve nearly as fast as the air!!You can get our Soil Preparation Guide by going to www.HarpersNurseries.com and clicking on Garden Tips!!

New vegetable, flowers,and bulbs are arriving as the weather is cooling off. Ryegrass seed is in and is ready as soon as the weather cools a bit more. We will have geraniums and citrus in a couple of weeks-We  are looking forward to seeing more of all of you in the garden-Good Growin’.
Our Radio Tip This week is the start of the PLANT SOMETHING CAMPAIGN. Click on the coupon and bring in the print out of the Plant-Something.org home page and get 20% OFF ANY 1 PLANT 1 GALLON OR LARGER!!!

Perhaps it is time to start thinking about how important your landscaping is to the value of your home, your neighborhood,your pocketbook, and your health. We hope we can help you work through that process. We can come to your home or consult with you in either one of our locations. We can help you plan out an entire landscape or the proper placement of one shade tree-either way let’s just PLANT SOMETHING together!


The Harper Boys

1830 E McKellips Rd Mesa 480 964 4909        www.HarpersNurseries.com 2529 N. Hayden Rd Scottsdale 480 946 3481

Save 20% Go To The PLANT SOMETHING Web Page and Print Off The Home Page-Bring it in and get %20 OFF Any 1 Plant 1 gallon or larger!
Offer Expires:9-30-2011

Harper’s Weekly Newsletter

Hooray-The Last Newsletter Of August!!
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I’m sure everyone is as tired of Summer and heat as we are. This is always an interesting newsletter to put out because you can finally really start talking about getting ready for Fall gardening! As we are writing this, a fork lift is unloading a truck load of mulch, compost, garden soil, rye grass seed, fertilizer , and all the goodies you’d need to get a Fall garden started. Some of our new garden seeds have arrived, and bulbs and onion sets will be here the week of the 12th-not that far away. We hope your Summer was enjoyable, and you were able to get out of the heat for a bit, but now it is time to start getting ready for that glorious Fall garden season. We are and we hope you will be soon. See you in the garden-Good Growin’.


    • Great Fall gardens begin with proper soil preparation. It is time to start turning the soil, adding organic compost,fertilizer,gypsum,etc. We have a free garden recipe if you’d like come on in and pick it up. Please don’t plant until you’ve prepared the soil!
    • If you have prepared: start planting beans,corn,cucumber,melons,and squash seeds.
    • The list above triples in two weeks and some starts will be available as well.
    • Fertilize citrus,and  tropicals like hibiscus and bougainvillea while the weather is still warm.
    • Fertilize your lawn for the last time if you overseed for the winter. If you don’t plant a winter lawn, continue to fertilize monthly until October or November.
    • Be on the watch for critters. Caterpillars, mealy bugs, spider mites, and yes even some aphids are very present on ornamentals, grape vines, and your remaining summer veggies like squash. If you cant i.d. or want a suggested treatment, please catch a few and bring them in!
    • Control weeds and unwanted grass while it is young and growing fast. If you want to convert your grass lawn to xeriscape or rock, now is the best time to kill bermudagrasses. Weeds will start going to seed as the weather cools so get rid of them now! Again bring them in for proper i.d. and treatment.
    • The Monsoon is probably not quite over yet so take a look at your trees and make sure they are pruned properly and there are no precarious limbs that could cause a problem in the next storm. Young trees should be properly double staked to prevent wind damage as well.

Plant Something!
Plant Something If your utility bills are too high, you need a fresh look or better curb appeal, or a place to hang that hammock or swing for the grand kids-now is the time to plant something. Harper’s can help you plan an entire yard, or place a single tree in the correct spot to make sure that you get the full impact and value of each plant,vine or tree! Fall is the absolute best time to plant in our part of the state. Whether you need shade or impact or a nice secluded quite spot-Call us and We’ll Plant Something Together!! You can call Jerry Harper direct at 602 659 5994 or come by and visit us at either location. Remember Harper’s offers a LIFETIME PLANT GUARANTEE if we plant or install or if you do it yourself and purchase all the necessary planting amendments!!


Fall shipments are arriving and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you soon. We hope we can help make your fall gardening season successful, fun, and enjoyable!!

The Harper Boys


Our Weekly $25 Gift Card Winners Can, “Just Plant Something”

Theresa Falers and Patricia Beck are the weekly winners of a $25 gift card drawing! These lucky gals can go out and “Just Plant Something”. Are your utility bills too high, need to create a shady outdoor spot for more living area, want to enhance the value of your home? All of these are good reasons to “Plant Something”. We help make it easier by drawing a winner from each location every Monday for a $25 gift card. Good Growin’-now get out there and Plant Something!!

Investing In Your Home

With all the great investment and financial news of the last week or so, let us not forget the place we live is our single biggest investment and it is where we spend our most precious times. So what are you doing to improve,protect,and make your home a place of rest and peace? Harper’s can help you create an outdoor living space you’ll want to spend more time in, we can improve your curb appeal- do you like what you see when you come home from a long day at the office? We can even help you place one tree in the right spot to help cut down on that electric bill.  If you’re looking around the yard this weekend wondering “where do I start” give us a call. We can help get you started down the road to having your own resort!

Good Cool Morning Gardeners…It’s Friday!

We have been blessed with another unseasonably cool morning-gotta love it! Perhaps you’ve ventured back outside to have coffee or take in the cool breeze and noticed a few things you’d like to improve in your outdoor living area? Just maybe if you liked your garden a little more you’d spend more time there. Harpers can help you”redecorate” your out of doors living space. Whether you need a well placed tree to shade a window or seating area or you need the whole seating area, bbq, pavers,putting green etc..We Do It All!! If you want to spend more time outside or enjoy the time you spend outdoors more, give us a call today. Jerry Harper and his team of exterior decorators are ready to come out FREE and evaluate your needs,wants,desires,and dreams. Have a resort right in your own back yard you can enjoy year around!

We’re More Than A Nursery!

Often people ask us ” how long have you been doing landscaping”? It seems not everyone knows the complete scope of what Harper’s does. We not only do complete landscaping but because we are a nursery, garden center, and landscape design/contractor we do many things that companies who are just one of the above don’t or can’t. For instance we are moving and storing this palm tree for a client who is doing a complete rebuild/remodel of  a home and wanted to save this specimen palm. The project won’t even be complete for up to a year, but we have dug up,moved and will store and care for this plant until we are ready to complete the landscape for them. What special thing can we do for you? If you have any plans or projects related to your outdoor living space, please let us know. We’ll come out free and evaluate it for you! Good Growin’.

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