Sunday Is All About Cookin’ In The Garden

With Mother’s day soon approaching, if you’re like me, finding the perfect gift is always a challenge! Well if mom likes to cook, how about an Herb Garden!! Almost any pot or container will do and if you watch a little you’ll soon find out which herbs she uses the most. You can hardly go wrong with the standards, however, like Basil,Mint,Chives,Parsley,Rosemary,etc. Not all of these grow in the same kind of conditions so plant accordingly. Rosemary for instance likes lots of sun and mint would prefer shade. Harper’s would love to help you create the perfect herb garden for Mom this Mother’s day or any time! Bon Appetit

Herb Garden for Mom?

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So What’s Cookin’

Well for us last night it was New York Strip steak, roasted sweet potatoes w/ rosemary, and cooked greens from the garden. Swiss Chard and Spinach cooked in a skillet with bacon, onions,garlic, and red pepper. What a great way to enjoy a beautiful spring evening while watching the Jayhawks out duel the Buckeyes!

I hope your garden is giving you as much pleasure. If not we can help. Call us, come in or email you questions,problems,or challenges-we even make house calls. The Harper Boys want your garden to be the best it can be. Whether you’re growing flowers,vegetables,or you just want a fantastic looking landscape-

It’s What We Do & Who We Are-Good Growin’

May The Rains Fall Softly On Your Fields…..

An Irish blessing-rain-the day after St. Patrick’s Day? A customer yesterday called it holy water, I think he is probably right about this particular rain event in the desert especially. Hope you were able to get your pre emergent or fertilizers or both applied yesterday to take advantage of the FREE watering in that occurred over night!
Our usual Sunday post is cooking related. Freshly picked cauliflower will get roasted today to be used in all sorts of recipes later this week. Do you have a great cauliflower recipe or any other you’d like to share-we’d love to pass it along!
Thanks to all who came out and helped us celebrate our 67th birthday yesterday! I think you all found all but 1 of our hidden leprechauns (Harper’s apparel with our logo “U.B. Green” on it).
Have a great Sunday-Good Growin’

Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!

Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor!!

We’ve been devoting the last few, and perhaps the future Sunday posts to recipes and ideas for what to do now that you’ve grown it. We hope you’ll enjoy this and add your ideas and meals to ours! There is nothing like fresh squeezed citrus juice! It can be very hard to consume all of the citrus fruit you may have on your trees. Juicing is a great way to use and enjoy them. We have even been mixing some of the fruit together for interesting flavor. Of course there are other things you can mix with the juice as well!!! Now is a great time to be planting fruit trees of all types and we have a new shipment in stock. So if you want some juicy results start planting now. Tip: It is not necessary to pick the citrus fruit that is ripe so that the tree will produce for next year. The ripened fruit will store better on the tree and has no effect on the new blooms and next years crop. Some areas of town do have rats, however, and it may be best to pick the ripe fruit to lessen their presence. Good Growin’
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!

The Finished Sunday Breakfast….

Eat Your Hear Out Ronald!!

Got Recipes From Your Garden-Let’s Share!!

Wonder sometimes what to do with it now that you’ve grown it? Her is Trina Harper’s Arugala Pesto Pizza. Fantastic and healthy at the same time! If you have recipes and or cooking ideas on how to use produce fresh from your garden, share them with us!! We hope you are out enjoying the great weather and creating a garden or landscape that you can enjoy the fruits of! Good Growin’
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!

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