Always Something New!

This is such a fun time of year for gardening and for those of us who work in the garden industry. It seems almost daily the big brown truck rolls up to the front gate of the nursery and we get to open a box of something new!! The latest arrival is another shipment of bulbs, this time Papperwhites!! I love my narcissus because the come back every year without any pampering or special care ,kind of wonder why they’re called narcissus, and they smell so great. They also remind me that fall is really here and the holiday season is just around the corner. If you want a great treat to add to your garden,pots,or a great gift idea-try them!

Good Advice!

Take a mental health day today and do some gardening! It is good exercise, you’ll get some fresh air, and a sense of accomplishment is always nice. Besides your home and garden will look much better and maybe you’ll even be the envy of the neighborhood! Oh by the way-the sign is for sale as well. Enjoy the real fall weather, looks like the 90′s are gone for a while at least and the temps we’ve all been waiting for are here!! See you out in the garden-Good Growin’.

Good Morning Gardeners,It’s FRIDAY!!

Fridays in October-doesn’t get much better than that! Dwarf Citrus has arrived, another weekly shipment of vegetable plants grown at our Mesa farm, New Geraniums,petunias,daisies,autumn sage, and blue salvia………..Like I said, Fridays in October-Lets get ready to Gardennnnnnnnnn! Good Growin’

It’s Tuesday, Can You Name That Plant?

It has been a couple of weeks since we have had a “Name That Plant Contest”. So here you go-This often forgotten plant is sold mostly as a cool season annual, but it will live year round here given the right placement! Who ever gets the name out there first, whether via facebook or direct email wins one FREE!!

They’re Back!!

Hard to imagine a mid October without Geraniums and visa versa! The true sign that Fall is upon us-Geraniums showing up!! We’re getting ready for a big weekend. Our 3rd Saturday Garden Club meets tomorrow at 10 am. The Pond Gome and Integrity Tree Service will be holding court in Scottsdale along with Frank the Farmer’s produce stand. Frank told me he is bringing 20 dozen eggs tomorrow! In Mesa Jeff and Jay Harper will be talking Early order or as Jeff Quaid, aka “little Jeff” called it -Custom Order Fruit Trees! You can order just about any deciduous fruit tree from Apples to Walnuts with no minimum amount! Come on in and we’ll show you how!!

See you in the garden tomorrow!! Good Growin’.

Here You Go, Ladies and Gentlemen-It Is Your Day!

These Wednesdays sure roll around fast don’t they? Well the good thing about that is you get to save 10% every Wednesday if you are a Lady or Senior (Gentleman) , I use that word loosely sometimes. And the faster Wednesdays roll around the more you get to save i suppose-there is looking on the bright side of time moving way too fast! We have received Onion Sets, this week so Fall is coming on in as planned. Geraniums will be in this weekend and we hope to see you soon!! Good Growin’.

Onion, Garlic,and Potato Sets Have Arrived!

Fall must be here for sure now! The long overdue onion set shipment has arrived! I know many of you have been waiting patiently and I couldn’t wait to spread the news. Also Garlic and Seed Potatoes are in. Let the gardening really begin now! Enjoy the 60/90 weather-lows in the 60s and Highs in the 90s-Perfect fall gardening and growing weather is here!! Good Growin’.

The Weekend Continues…For Some! Thanks Chris!

In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue….And today we celebrate him who thought the world not flat! Speaking of flat, who is your yard. I got out there myself yesterday and have a big pile of stuff in the back of my truck this morning. Now that the trimming and pulling out of dead stuff is complete I’m ready to plant, how bout you?

We’re open normal hours today 8-5:30, so if you’re weekend continues we’d love to help you fill in some of the holes you may have created yesterday, or help you figure out how much ryegrass seed you need for the winter lawn. Perhaps a vegetable garden is in order, we have two different square foot garden box kits you might want to check out and lots of Mel’s Mix to get the plants started off right! Whatever you’re reason to garden, tis the season. See you out there-Good Growin’.

Are You Ready For The First Nice Weekend Of Fall!!

Wow, can you believe how nice the weather got all of a sudden. Windows are open and even the evap cooler is off here and we’re enjoying fresh cool air! Blowing in with the wonderful air and temperatures are new plants and more. We received a new shipment of herbs, fall vegetables, and vegetable seeds this morning along with fall mums! Remember this is also THE best time to plant trees and shrubs while the soil is warm and the air is cool! The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago, the second best time is FALL! Welcome back Fall and Good Growin’ to you!!

Is Your Garden As Exciting As The D-Backs?

Wow a cooler forecast, fall planting is in the air and the Diamondbacks are in the playoffs. Must be about October!  We’d like to wish the Arizona Diamondbacks the best of luck during the playoffs and hopefully we’ll still be playing around Halloween!!  To celebrate Harper’s will give 10% OFF to anyone who shops with us this weekend and wears any kind of Diamondback apparel!  So make your gardening just as exciting as the playoff run the D-Backs are experiencing-we can help and you can save by being a fan of both the local baseball team and your local source for gardening know how and outdoor beauty supplies!! Go Harper’s and D-Backs!!!

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