It Is A FREE $25 Gift Certificate Day @ Harper’s

Today’s lucky winners of the $25 gift certificate drawing are” Donna Jennings and Jan Maziarz. Thanks for coming and playing ladies! We also want to mention that the wisteria are starting to bloom and we have them in stock now!! You can’t beat the smell and color you’ll get with one of these in your garden! If you need a recommendation for a place to plant one, bring in a sketch or picture of your garden and we’ll help you plan a place for a wisteria or any other plant that you might have your heart set on!! Good Growin’
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!!

3rd Saturday Garden Club/Events Tomorrow!

Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!

3rd Saturday-Harper’s Garden Club Meeting Edition

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A Big 3rd Saturday At Harper’s

Our 3rd Saturday of the month are always exciting, but this month we have something for just about every one!!
Whether you’ve got the vegetable garden bug, you have or want to start a pond, or you want to know more about growing edibles as part of your entire landscape we have quite a morning planned for you!
At Our ScottsdaleLocation: The Pond Gnome is hosting their Annual Pond Clean Up Clinic at 10 am. -Grow Well Products will be teaching about Square Ft. Gardening, and our usuall cast of characters will be on hand with fresh produce, hot dogs and more!!The Pond Gnome
At Our Mesa Location: At 9am Edible landscape class by Justin Roehner-At 10am Square Foot Gardening by Grow Well!!

Mid February Garden Tips:
It is tomato time!! You should be getting your plants in the ground now!
Start pruning back tender trees and shrubs, be sure to prune back enough so you don’t have to prune again in a month or two. Usually a plant will replace about a third of its size in one year. Learn from the hard freeze years how far back you can prune and how good the plant looks in a few weeks-and you won’t have to prune again for a long time, plus the plant will bloom better!!
Begin planting frost tender plants like bougainvillea and hibiscus
Keep weeds contolled while they are young and before they go to seed!
FEED THE TREES THAT FEED YOU-Time to fertilize citrus and fruit trees-well really just about everything in your yard!

Take Advantage Of Spring Weather-How Is Your Outdoor Living Area?

We have the opportunity to spend time outside almost year round here! Does your yard or garden let you take advantage of that? If not let Harper’s design team help you creat a seating area, an outdoor kitchen, a water feature….You name it from planting one shade tree to redoing an entire yard/garden Harper’s can and has helped many valley dwellers enjoy and appreciate their outdoor living space like never before! Call Jerry Harper at 602 659 5994 or come in and we’ll help you set up a FREE evaluation with one of our design team! Do it now and take advantage of the great weather ahead!!

Spring has sprung, we’re stocking up on tomatoes,veggies,blooming plants, fruit trees and more. all we need is you! Hope to see you soon-Good Growin’ Sincerely,

The Harper Boys


Saturday Is Here…Yeay!!

Saturday means we get to see a lot of you we normally don’t see during the week. It means that you get to hear us on the radio w/ Rosie and Romey at 8am on 92.3fm taking calls about what is the latest thing to be doing in the garden. Saturday is a great day for a lot of reasons and we hope you’ll help us celebrate by stopping by and checking out what is new. We received pomegranates, grapes, more peppers and tomatoes just to name a few. Have a great weekend Good Growin’
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!

Ladies/Sr’s and Pomegranates!!

Most of you know that Wednesday is Ladies/Sr’s day! You receive 10% OFF all purchases and get double loyalty points if you have a Harper’s Garden Club card. Today pomegranates have also arrived! Pomegranates do very well here and have gained much popularity recently with their healthy attributes! This is an exciting time of year as almost daily something new comes on the scene! Come on in, get healthy with home grown fruits and vegetables and all you ladies and mature ones- save 10%!! Good Growin’
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It’s What We Do & Who We Are!!

Plant Trivia Tuesday!!

You know Spring is just around the corner when these babies start blooming! We hope you’ll have fun trying to guess the correct name of this plant. Be the first via any method of contact-facebook,email,telephone, or hey come on in!! Remember to spread the word about “liking” us on facebook. As soon as we get to that 1,000 mark all our friends will get 10% OFF their next purchase!

Weekly Garden Tip: Tomato Time

Timing is everything in much of life and it couldn’t be more important in the success of the tomato gardener. The biggest mistake and reason for lack of success in growing tomatoes here in the valley is planting too late. Old timers who have had much success have always pushed the envelope a bit and had their plants in the ground by valentine’s day at least and some the last weekend of January or the first of February. Now to be sure we can and still might have a frost right up through the end of Febrary so be prepared and in fact I’d just cover them anyway. The warmer they stay the faster they will grow! Speaking of growing fast, the second most common mistake is to not have the ground pepared properly or to fertilize enough or a combination of both. If tomatoes , or any annual, slows down or stops growing it is very difficult for them to continue on! So plant early, be sure your soil is very well prepared (see our garden preparation guide:) and fertilize regularly-we like fertilome start and grow or organo 10-10-10.
As far as varieties, well if i asked 10 gardeners i’d get 12 answers as to which is best! The best one is one you grew,harvested,and ate from your own garden. I’d try 2-3 different ones and make the determination your self. Besides, one or two plants generally is not enough tomatoes anyway!! Good luck and Good Growin’
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It Is What We Do & Who We Are!

Ladies/Sr’s and Tomatoes!!

What a beautiful day! Even better if you happen to be a lady or a senior! As every wednesday you receive 10% OFF! And for our lucky winner of yesterday’s contest, Christine Nimitz-a FREE tomato plant! Yes tomatoes are in and ready! So Sr’s and ladies it is time to garden. Ready, Set, Grow-see you in the tomato patch! Good Growin’
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown….It’s What We Do & Who We Are

Play Plant Trivia Tuesday!

About time to get these guys planted! Guess it first via facebook,email,twitter,phone……and get one FREE!! Good Growin’!
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown….It’s What We Do & Who We Are


Remember the words to that old song? Well don’t let Mondays get you down. You should be looking forward to who is the winner of the weekly Harper’s $25 gift certificate!! Todd Peschman and Aaron Parrott are the lucky winners this week. You didn’t win you say. Well you can’t win if you don’t come by and fill out an entry slip-besides we’d love to see your smiling face, especially on a Monday! There are many reasons to get back into the swing of the “garden” thing now. In case you haven’t noticed, all the rain we received in November and December is giving a real boost to the weed population. We’ve also received all our berries (Black,Blue,and Boysen) and our first shipment of Rose bushes have arrived. Hope to see you soon-especially Monday! Congratulations to Todd and Aaron-Good Growin’!
Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…..It’s What We Do & Who We Are!

Begin The Weekend “IN THE GARDEN”

Remember those resolutions you just made? Did getting into a better routine make it on your list? It did mine! Hope you’ll start out your Saturday routine by listening in to Rosie On The House and In The Garden w/ Rosie and Romey Romero and The Harper Boys on 92.3fm KTAR @ 8am. We’ll get your garden plans started off right then you can venture on down to Harpers and execute those plans. Today there is an edible landscape class at our Mesa location at 9, We’ve got a new shipment of Rose bushes, pruners, pruning sealer, rose food all just in time to start working on that new rose garden. Remember to bring in the Rosie On The House/Gro Well coupon for 20% OFF on any one of those items! Hope you’re listening in and hope to see you “In The Garden”. Good Growin’
Since 1945..Home Grown…It is what we do and who we are!!

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