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8am on Saturday mornings finds us at the studios of KTAR w/ Rosie and Romey doing the garden segment of Rosie On The House! With our colder than normal temps the next couple of days that is sure to be the main topic. Ironically though, the topic of the week is fire place/ and fire pits. Can you bring all your plants around the fire ring-perhaps!

Tune in 92.3fm at 8 and let us know how cold you got and we’ll answer all your questions about what and how to keep your landscape in the best possible shape even in the cold!

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Get Ready For Some Cold-How & What To Protect!

Click on the logo of the weather service above for the latest forecast. Looks like some areas of town will have some very cold temperatures Saturday morning thru Tuesday am. It will be cold enough that all parts of town should cover very tender plants and some annuals. The usual suspects are: lantana,bougainvillea, natal plum, hibiscus, most succulents, tomatoes and peppers, basil, of course FICUS!

What to use/do: Never cover with plastic or non’breathable” materials unless you are going to provide a heat source under them. Use frost cloth, thinsulate, cotton sheets, burlap….. Leave the coverings on the entire time. Make sure plants are well watered, in fact running water under plants/trees that are too big to cover can help. Any other devices like fans, lights,heaters can all help if practical.If you have plants in pots move them under the patio cover completely or even in the garage for a day or two if they aren’t too heavy!

If you’re in doubt what to cover you can always call us or come by. We did get a new shipment of frost cloth yesterday!

If your plants do experience some damage, don’t prune off right away. The damage will probably get worse in a day or two and it will help protect the undamaged part of the plant from future frost if we have any. Wait until danger of any frost is past before pruning back (Middle of February).

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The Harper Boys-Keeping plants protected since 1945

Getting Closer-Got Gift Ideas? We Do!

You can go back to the beginning of the month and look at our posts each day to refresh your memory about great gift giving ideas or to give some one a Hint!  Today is a little unconventional-YARD ART. It can be as simple as an old piece of picket fence to a dragonfly made out of a pipe wrench that can be stuck in a flower bed. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we’ve got everything from  goat carts to wagon wheels, gates to iron trellises and everything in between!

Sometimes a difficult corner or a vegetable garden are just needs a little height or maybe a soft screen. Garden art can do just that. A long unpainted wall or fence may just need some pieces of iron hung in a place or two on it. Use your imagination or let us help you pick something out!

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Today’s Tip on the Rosie on the House Show-Frost Protection!! Listen in to 92.3fm at 8am and get all the scoop on covering up or not and what to use if you do!

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Frost Cloth Back In Stock

You never know when the next cold snap might occur and we still have all of December and January to go. We have received another shipment of both bulk rolls and pre packaged frost cloth. I don’t recommend it as a Christmas gift but it always sells out fast when the cold hits. I’d get it now and have it in stock, especially if you don’t want it to get cold again. You know buying frost cloth is a lot like washing your car. Want it to rain, wash your car, don’t want another freeze-have frost cloth on hand!

Mondays Are Winners At Harper’s

Today’s drawing winners for a $25 gift certificate are: Chris Ferguson in Scottsdale and Brian Conway in Mesa! Congratulations, every Monday brings new winners and we hope new faces added to the family of the best customers in the world-those of you who love to shop at Harper’s!! It looks as if we are going to get another bout of cold weather mid week. We will have more frost cloth in stock by the end of the day today. Call us and we’ll reserve some for you. Last month everyone ran short and some were left “out in the cold” (pun definitely intended)!

The New Year Begins!

People talk a lot about new year’s resolutions, how about GARDENING specific resolutions? How are you going to make your garden better or what would you like to do or see in your garden/landscape in 2011? It would be fun to hear and or see your ideas, and how Harpers can help you achieve those!  Post if, email it or call us and let us know how we can help you be more successful and or create the garden of your dreams in 2011.

p.s. Keep you plants covered another night or two!!

A Chilly New Years Eve!

It looks like a scene from the Midwest,I think since I’ve never lived there, gloomy skies and white coating all the cars and the ground, oh and everything from frost cloth to sheets to blankets and quilts covering the landscapes! Harper’s suggestion is that you leave your frost covering, whatever you used, on all day and probably all day tomorrow. If you didn’t get something covered you should still do it as every day something freezes the damage goes deeper so even if you left something uncovered and it is damaged protecting it further will still help minimize the damage.  Speaking of damage, don’t be alarmed even though you covered if you have some damage to leaves and the very end or terminal stems. Most of this is superficial. Leaves are easily replaced. It is the main stems and branches we want to prevent from damaging. And Remember, tempting as it is, don’t prune till at least mid February!

The Quest For Frost Protection Cont’d

We have found some materials that will work for protecting your plants. It might be different at each store and from day to day so we suggest you call first. We are working hard to keep something in stock for protecting your plants!

The Quest For Frost Cloth

We are currently out of frost cloth or “n” sulate. We have a lead on some material that might work and will know shortly, keep you posted!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year From The Harper Family and Team!

Be prepared for the coldest temperatures since 2007. We have a major weather event headed our way in the next couple of days. If the forecast is correct severe and damaging cold will hit almost all valley locations. We want you to be ready:

  • If In doubt cover. Use breathable materials such as: “N”sulate, sheets, or burlap. We prefer “N” sulate or frost cloth because you can leave it on for several days, water and light will go through it and it is light enough to lay right on plants. Keep in mind however it works better if it is not touching the plants directly. Never use plastic unless you are going to put a heat source under it. Also remember the coldest part of the day is just at sunrise-leave the material on all day if need be. Don’t take it off before you go to work! As of this writing we have ample supply of “N” sulate which can be purchased by the foot, so you can buy as much as you need.
  • move tender potted plants if you can to covered areas
  • using Christmas lights or other light bulbs and or wind machines (fans) can help
  • Know which plants to cover: the obvious ones are bougainvillea,hibiscus,lantana,natal plum,ficus,young citrus,ruellia brittanica, and cape honeysuckle. If you are in doubt, please call us we will let you know what the frost tolerance is! There is no need to cover roses or deciduous fruit trees!
  • If damage occurs, and it will take a few days to be seen, do not prune! wait until the chance of any more frost occurs or new growth begins to appear. Usually late February or Early March.
  • Even if it rains check to see if the ground is moist and or wet. Wet soil and or standing water will keep the temperatures up and well watered plants will not be damaged by the cold as severely.

We hope this finds you well and you and yours have a safe and happy New Year-after you be sure your plants are safe of course!



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