Trivia Tuesday-Can You Name That Plant?

It’s yours if you’re the first to name it correctly, that’s right! We do this every Tuesday-plant trivia. Facebook it, email it, call us, however you want-be the first to get it right and you get one of them FREE!! Need help naming plants or more around your house? Let us know, we can come out and do a FREE evaluation of your landscape. Since 1945-Harper’s Home Grown…It Is What We Do and Who We Are

It’s Tuesday, Can You Name That Plant?

It has been a couple of weeks since we have had a “Name That Plant Contest”. So here you go-This often forgotten plant is sold mostly as a cool season annual, but it will live year round here given the right placement! Who ever gets the name out there first, whether via facebook or direct email wins one FREE!!

Harper’s Weekly Newsletter-Hot Off The Press!

Harper’s 3rd Saturday Garden Club Metting is this Saturday!

Don’t You Just Love OCTOBER???We sure do. Nice cool evenings and warm days make for the perfect growing weather. No matter if it is starting your winter lawn or planting petunias, geraniums,or winter vegetables-the 60 degree nights and 90 degree days are the best! We hope you’ll join us this weekend, especially Saturday to learn more about how to get the most out of your garden!!
Our garden club meets at 10 am at both locations. Integrity Tree Service will be conducting in Scottsdale. The topic will be how to help your plants recover from a hot stressful summer. Jeff and Jay Harper will be in Mesa talking about fall gardening and introducing our early order fruit tree program.

Hope to see you in the garden this weekend! Good Growin’.


For anyone with a child (one per family) and for as long as supply lasts-this Saturday!!

Come on in and bring the family. Get a pumpkin and learn about fall gardening, tree trimming, ponds, and early order fruit trees, PLUS grab some of our newly arrived Geraniums, Mums, Vegetables and Herbs!! Fall is for Gardening and It Starts Now-Just Plant Something!!
10AM at Scottsdale location-Integrity Tree Service-will discuss how to get your trees and shrubs back in shape after a long hot summer!
At Scottsdale from 9-2 Frank The Farmer’s Produce Stand, the Pond Gnome and Free adivce on Care,Construction and Maintaining a pond!!
At Mesa at 10am- The Harper Boys will discuss what to do in the garden now that it is Fall.
Special Order Fruit Trees- Order your deciduous Fruit Trees now and get the exact variety you want this winter. 20% OFF any order over $100 placed Saturday! This is a great way to customize your back yard orchard-we’ll show you how at our MESA location starting this Saturday. Orders must be placed by November 1st!

These are exciting times around the Garden and at Harper’s Let’s Kick OFF The Fall Season together!! Hope to see you Saturday In The Garden!!

Harper’s Weekly Newsletter!

Fall never quite seems to get here soon enough does it? We should know it isn’t much different year to year. I’m sure it is like winter not wanting to go away in May back East. Summer hangs on just a little longer than we always want here.
New shipments of fall vegetables, flowers,seeds and more are arriving almost daily now as we try and guess when it will be cool enough to plant.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get my pots redone, and flower beds planted. I just think I’ll start this weekend-how about you? See you in the Garden-Good Growin’.

What Do We Do Now?

  • If you are planting a winter lawn-start mowing a little shorter each week now so that by mid to late October you don’t have such a huge job and pile of clippings. We have ryegrass in stock now and some attractive package pricing if you’re ahead of the game.
  • If you have yuccas or agaves-treat with Grub Free Zone. We have been seeing a lot of Agave Snout Weevil activity on these plants. Unfortunately by the time you see the evidence the plant is usually dead so preventative treatment is your best option. They usually show up in late Summer to early Fall. See the picture for what the damage done is like .
  • Vegetable gardens should be going in and or being prepared. Don’t plant until the soil is ready, take the time you’ll be more successful and glad you did. Cool season plants and seeds are in stock-think leaves, stems, and roots!!
  • Early shipments of Petunias, Alyssum,Lobelia, and Snapdragons have arrived. Again don’t plant until soil is prepard. Use plenty of Omni, gypsum, and Ferti lome Start and Grow to get the plants of to a good start. If annuals slow down or set back it is hard to get them going again.
  • Citrus trees are or should be pushing lots of new growth, recovering from a hot August. Be sure to fertilize them right away with Organo Citrus Food. Getting this new growth out and hardened off before cold weather ( I know, what is that) sets in is very important. And most citrus really needs to put on some new growth after a record hot August and the damage it caused not only on citrus but lots of other landscape plants!
  • Control spurge and other weeds as they come up and are young-they are much easier to kill when small. If you aren’t going to plant a winter lawn- apply pre emergent herbicides now. If you have granite, now is the best time to control winter weeds, with pre emergent before the winter rains come.
  • Remember without the Gardener, there is no Garden-It is time to get out there!!
  • Remember to like our facebook page (see link above) for daily garden happenings and info-you also get $5 OFF your first purchase by bringing in the page. Also be sure to listen to our Garden Show-the first hour of the “Rosie On The House” program every Saturday at 8am on KTAR  92.3fm. There is always a tip and a link to a coupon to save 20% Off on any 1 Gro Well item every week!

Harper’s Weekly Newsletter-What Is A Plant Worth?

How Do You Value Your Landscape?
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Is Your Landscape or Garden An Investment?

We had a caller to the Garden Segment of the Rosie On The House Show last week asking “how she could save her 35 year old plant”. This is not that unusual a call or question.  My question, is what is the real value of that plant or the entire landscape, and what do you expect from your landscape?  I am perplexed that folks would spend many times what the replacement value and certainly the original purchase price of the plant in fertilizers, soil additives, magic potions, etc to try and save or “resurrect” the plant. Usually my question back to them is how long do they expect their dishwasher, water heater, refrigerator, etc to last. These much more expensive household products last nowhere near as long as most plants. We  generally have no issue coming to the decision that replacement or remodeling is the right move vs. repair. So perhaps we need to change the way we look at our outdoor living space, especially in light of the current economy. Your landscape is the first thing you see when you pull up to your house, it may be the last thing you see when you leave. How does it make you feel when you come home? How does your neighbor across the street feel when they walk out their door every morning? For what can be a very small “investment” you can change the look and feel of your entire home. In the case of the caller mentioned, one $35 plant may have give the look of her home a whole new feel. Certainly for much less than a kitchen or bath remodel you can give your whole front and back yard a whole new and refreshing look. A properly placed tree can save you money on your utility bill and you might just like your yard so much that staying home instead of taking an expensive vacation to some exotic resort would be just the ticket for the old retirement fund! My guess is you’ll be a whole lot more popular with the neighbors as well!
I would challenge you to really take a look around you this fall and objectively evaluate what your landscape looks like. Is it everything you want it to be? Does it improve the value of your home or your lifestyle? Do you have a garden or just a “yard”. Harper’s and the Arizona Nursery Association are joining together to promote the benefits of plants. We’d love to help you make the answer to the above questions a resounding YES!. Give us a call if you’d like to have us come out and evaluate your landscape, or hellp you turn your yard back into the garden it was meant to be-that is after all where we were meant to be! “JUST PLANT SOMETHING”!!                              just plant somethin


Well officially tomorow is the first day of Fall! So this is the last day of Summer-any one sad about that? To kick Fall off we have a couple of things you should know about this weekend.

  • Edible Landscape Class at our Mesa location Saturday at 9am.
  • Link To Register For Edible Plant Class
  • Sun Country Iris Society Rhizome Sale at our Mesa location Saturday 9/24 at 9am until 2 or while they last!!

Weather Facts For Fall
growell coupon

October: Average High 88.1  Average Low 60.8 Average Rainfall .7 inches
November                       74.9                        48.9                             .7
Don’t those sound good!  The weather is improving daily-be sure you have prepared you soil before you plant. The soil doesn’t cool off or improve nearly as fast as the air!!You can get our Soil Preparation Guide by going to and clicking on Garden Tips!!

New vegetable, flowers,and bulbs are arriving as the weather is cooling off. Ryegrass seed is in and is ready as soon as the weather cools a bit more. We will have geraniums and citrus in a couple of weeks-We  are looking forward to seeing more of all of you in the garden-Good Growin’.
Our Radio Tip This week is the start of the PLANT SOMETHING CAMPAIGN. Click on the coupon and bring in the print out of the home page and get 20% OFF ANY 1 PLANT 1 GALLON OR LARGER!!!

Perhaps it is time to start thinking about how important your landscaping is to the value of your home, your neighborhood,your pocketbook, and your health. We hope we can help you work through that process. We can come to your home or consult with you in either one of our locations. We can help you plan out an entire landscape or the proper placement of one shade tree-either way let’s just PLANT SOMETHING together!


The Harper Boys

1830 E McKellips Rd Mesa 480 964 4909 2529 N. Hayden Rd Scottsdale 480 946 3481

Save 20% Go To The PLANT SOMETHING Web Page and Print Off The Home Page-Bring it in and get %20 OFF Any 1 Plant 1 gallon or larger!
Offer Expires:9-30-2011

Tuesday Is Name That Plant Day!

We know it has rained recently when this one blooms! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see too much of it this summer, perhaps this Fall will be different!! Be the first one to correctly identify, and you win one of these beauties FREE!!

Harper’s Garden Club Meeting/Fair This Saturday!

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Dear Jay,

The weather is cooling and it is time for our 3rd Saturday Garden Club Meetings and Garden Fairs to begin again! Every 3rd Saturday from September to May Harper’s hosts a garden club talk at 10am at both locations and we invite Garden/Landscape related vendors to come and display their products and services. We also may from time to time have our grill master Mike Petrone in Scottsdale to cook some delicious hot dogs and sausages, Frank the Farmer with home grown produce and eggs, and various arts and craft folks.Our vendors also contribute to a charity every month. This month’s is “Fathers In The Field”. If you have a charity or are in need of a fundraiser, please let us know-we’ll get you on the list.  So mark your calendar accordingly for this Saturday September 17th, and every 3rd Saturday now till May for gardening education and fun!!

Look Who’s Coming!!
Harper’s Mesa Location:  Jeff Harper-Talks on Fall Garden Preparation, The City Of Mesa Will be on hand to talk about their back yard composting program

City Of Mesa Back Yard Composting

, Gro Well will demonstrate Square Foot Gardening and have books and kits on hand to get you started in or answer questions regarding Square Foot and Fall Gardening! Scottsdale Location: Jay Harper will talk on Fall Garden preparation, Gro Well and Square Foot Gardening,The Pond Gnome, Mike The Hot Dog Man, Frank The Farmer, Maria’s Jams and Jellies and both locations have new arrivals pending so you’ll just have to come and see who is there!!All The fun begins at 10am. Hope to see you there!!

square foot garden kit

Sun Country Iris Society-Fall Iris Sale!!

The Sun Country Iris Society will be holding it’s Fall Iris Rhizome Sale The next two Saturdays at Harper’s This Saturday September 17th, at our Scottsdale locations from 9-2 and next Saturday the 24th at Mesa also 9-2. Get there early for best selection! For more information go to: Sun Country Iris Society. Some of our fall bulbs have also arrived: Dutch Iris, Freesias, Tulips, and Hyacinths. This is a great time to start planting or getting ready to plant flower bulbs. Like wildflowers, many people don’t think about bulbs till they see them blooming in the Spring and then it is too late to plant. So plan ahead now and remember that tulips and hyacinths need to be chilled for 4-6 weeks prior to planting!!

Seems like Summer lasted forever, but it never does. So we begin our Fall garden season with many garden tasks at hand. Many including myself have some plants that have to be evaluated and probably replaced, some folks are ready to go having already prepared the soil and will be purchasing our newly arrived vegetable and flower starts, and a number are new to this unique thing we in the desert do called “fall planting” Whatever stage you’re in we would love to see if we can help guide you through the process. Whether it is just looking at a picture or sketch of your problem plants, helping you plan out a vegetable garden, or doing a complete landscape make-over, Harper’s is ready to help you make your yard more of a garden!!

Good Growin’

The Harper Boys

Harper’s Weekly Garden Newsletter

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As the song says..”where were you?” Hard to believe that it has been 10 years since that fateful September morning. We would be remiss if we didn’t take the time and space to remember those who lost lives, gave lives, and all the families who were affected by the attack on our country 10 years ago this Sunday. The Harper family and team members continue to pray for those who are departed and for their families. We will never forget!AMERICAN FLAG

They’re Back!!
tomato plantWe will keep you posted as new products and old standbys start showing up as a signal that Fall gardening has started once again. This weekend we will have our first crop of fall vegetables ready. Broccoli, cauliflower, and tomato plants will be available Friday afternoon.  We will also have petunias available this weekend. We do urge you, however, to be sure your pots, and garden beds are ready and prepared with fresh compost,gypsum and fertilizer so that these new plants don’t miss a beat. The worst thing that can happen to an annual is that they stop growing or go backwards. It is hard for them to recover-please prepare first!!

Garden News and To Do’s

Edible Landscape Class-We told you Fall was starting this weekend. Our first Edible landscape class of the season is this Saturday at 9am at our Mesa location. Click on the following link to RSVP!

  • Time to Feed the Trees That Feed You!! Your citrus and almost all of your landscape is in desperate need of a lift after one of the hottest summers on record. Be sure to fertilize them now so they can begin recovery before cold weather sets in.
  • Continue to prepare for fall vegetable and flower planting. As we mentioned some early arrivals are showing up and you need to be ready before you plant them!
  • Remember fall is the best time to plant Trees! If you wished you’d had more shade this past summer, don’t wait any longer-remember JUST PLANT SOMETHING!!!
  • Fall is also a great time to evaluate and  replace summer damaged or plants that did not perform up to your expectations. We have a very unique situation in the fact that fall is such a great time to plant and it gives your plants months of acclimation time before the stress of summer arrives again.
  • Prevent winter weeds by applying pre emergent herbicides this fall. The best way we know how to save time and work in the garden is pre emergent herbicide applications. Be careful however if you plan on planting a winter lawn as it could inhibit the germination of the rye grass.
  • just plant somethin

The weatherman has promissed temperatures in the 90′s and maybe some long overdue rain this weekend. Just in time! Fall is beginning to break out and we’re getting ready. Whether you’re starting to fertilize citrus, preparing your garden soil, or even planting some vegetable or flower bedding plants-we hope to see you this weekend in the garden!
Good Growin’

The Harper Boys

Labor Day Newsletter!!

It Is September,It Is Labor Day,Is It Fall????
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$5 OFF Any 20lb bag or larger of Fertilizer in stock. It is time to fertilize. After a long hot August your plants, trees, shrubs,vines, and CITRUS need to be fed now!!! Help them recover from the heat and stress and save!!!

$12 SAVINGS On Garden Preparation…..Purchase our 100 Square Foot Garden Recipe Package regularly priced at 71.99 or 4 Bags of Square Foot Garden Soil (enought to fill one kit) also regularly priced at 71.99 for $59.99

TRIPLE BONUS POINTS!!! Labor Day is the end of “double points” on our loyalty cards, so to celebrate the end of Summer This Weekend Only, We’re giving TRIPLE points! So for every $40 you spend in store on in stock merchandise you’ll receive 3 punches. That means you can receive a $40 gift certificate by spending only $133.00!! If you don’t belong to our Garden Club and have a Loyalty Card, now would be a great time to start. If you do have one, this is a great weekend to dust it off and cash in!!!

square foot gardenLabor day is the traditional start of the fall season around the country. No where else does it really have such an impact as here in the desert. Soon it will cool off and we liken it to “Spring” in many parts of the country. We have had our most severe season (most places that is winter) and as it begins to cool people can come out and enjoy the outdoors again-kind of “cabin fever” in reverse!  We have just had a record setting August for heat and January had some record or historic cold weather. Interesting that our last hard freeze was in 2007 and the records we broke in August for number of 110 plus days was set in 2007?  The extremes at both ends are really tough on plants. You plants probably need fertilized more than ever to help them stay healthy and or recover from a darn tough late summer. High temps not much rainfall or even cloudy days to give them a break has taken its toll on a lot of plans,trees,and vines. We have a great long mild Fall season that really helps plants recover before our “cold” season hits in December or January. Be sure to take advantage of our DEALS on fertilizer this weekend to help kick start your plants on the road to recovery!

This is also the first really big “get the garden ready” for fall  weekend. Your fall garden soil preparation is vital to success. Whether it flowers or vegetable, in ground beds or above ground, pots or square foot garden kits, the soil has been baked and abused by high temps and salty water.  Check out our garden preparation guide “the recipe” and the savings we have on our package and or Square Foot Garden Soil!! Most people’s fall gardens fail due to planting too early and without properly preparing the soil, don’t make that mistake. Stock up this weekend on Omni, Mel’s mix and save your way to success!!

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable Holiday weekend! We also hope we can help you get your plants and gardens back in shape and ready for a successful Fall gardening season! We’ll see you in the garden!!

Good Growin’

The Harper Boys


Come Out and Play!

Tuesday is game day @ Harper’s! Name that plant- the first one to name the plant pictured via email, phone call, pony express, facebook, however- is the winner!!! We hope you are getting excited for Fall gardening approaching- we are and we’re getting new shipments in now on a regular basis. All the new seeds are in stock and we are anxiously awaiting bulbs, onions, and garlic which should arrive mid-September. We will certainly keep you posted and up to date on any new arrivals! Good luck and Good Growin’.

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