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From All Of Us-Have A Blessed Holiday!

What Christmas Is All About-Merry Christmas
charlie and linus Have A Very Wonderful Day & Peace To You All!


The Harper Boys

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Give A Gift-Get A Deal On One!

The season of giving is at hand. Help us remember those less fortunate, donate a non perishable food item for Vista Del Camino and we’ll give you 33% OFF on any size gift card purchase!

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On this last weekend before Christmas the Harper Boys, family, and team wish you and yours the merriest and most blessed holiday season!

Good Growin’

The Harper Boys-Thankful for you all since 1945!

Merry Christmas From The Harper Team!

Since 1945-The Harper Boys,Home Grown-It’s What We Do & Who We Are!
Dear Jay,

We wish for you the very best and most blessed Christmas and Holiday season. Thanks for all you’ve done to support us over the past year and we look forward to helping your gardening and landscaping endeavors be a great success in the new year to come! We are honored to have you as friends and customers! Again Merry Christmas!!
We hope you’ve enjoyed our gift ideas for the holidays. If you need any others we still have pleanty-come see us or give us a call!!
The Harper Boys
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Not A Pine-But Makes A Nice Small Christmas Tree!

Another in the long line of gift ideas from Harper’s. The Norfolk Island or “Star” pine, which is actually not a pine at all, makes a great small Christmas tree for an apartment, office space, or just to have some decor in a nook or cranny around the house. They then make an excellent house plant after the holidays!

Have fun decorating or let the kids have they’re way with it!

Good Growin’

The Harper Boys-The gift ideas just keep on a comin’

Is Santa Coming To Your Garden?

Since 1945-The Harper Boys,Home Grown-It’s What We Do & Who We Are
Are You or Your Garden Ready For Santa?

Can Santa Plant Something For You?
santa plant somethingDoes Santa have your Christmas list? Have you been naughty or nice? There are all kinds of things from Harper’s array of products and services that would thrill every gardener of any kind or level:

  • How bout planting a Tree in honor or memory of a loved one?
  • Get someone started with a landscape plan or design-our designers can come out and get you or that someone special on your list started in the right direction on a new landscape
  • Plant a pot, container, or color bowl as a gift or let us do it for you!
  • How bout a nice indoor plant to clean up and freshen the air inside?
  • Pot up some paperwhite or amaryllis bulbs, they make a perfect gift
  • Poinsettias are always perfect!
  • Christmas cactus in a pot or hanging basket can last for generations
  • Is your gardener a cook? How bout a potted herb garden?
  • Succulents are very easy to take care of and can be colorful and interesting, especially for someone who might not have all that green a thumb!
  • Need more ideas-come and see us-don’t just stand there-It’s Christmas, let’s plant something!!

Last Weekend For Gift Card Deal!
Wreath Need a gift for someone who you have no idea what they want, guys-don’t want to pick out those flowers for her? Gift Cards for the gardener are a great idea and super easy. Now until Sunday the 16th they’re super affordable as well!
$50 Gift Card for only $39
$100 Gift Card for just $55

Christmas Decor Package:
1-5-6′ Noble fir with Stand, 1 Wreath (decorated), and 2 6″ poinsettias all for $89.99

This is a season of giving. Please help us remember those who may be less fortunate-Bring in a non perishable food item to either Harper’s location and get 10% OFF on any purchase until Christmas day! OrLike us on Facebook and we’ll donate one item for you-or you could do both!! Let’s be sure to remember the lost, least, and lonely this season!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
harper man

The Harper Boys

2529 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale 480 946 3481
1830 E McKellips Rd. Mesa 480 964 4909
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Save 10% Bring in any non-perishable food item  for Vista Del Camino and we’ll give you 10% OFF any purchase, or Like us on Facebook and we’ll donate one for you!!

A Gift Forever-Landscape Planning

A unique gift idea, we know. If you know someone who has just moved, is thinking about moving, or is just staying put and it is time to “re do” this is a great gift. Sometimes that hardest part of a project is just knowing where to start. Let one of Harper’s landscape design pros get you or someone you know off to the right start on a new landscape project. Nothing can turn the best intentions into expensive mistakes more than the lack of a good plan. Whether the final project is done now, 10 years from now, in many steps, or all at once, a good plan will insure that the “integrity” of the job and the final product has the look of professionalism! Give us a call today and we can get this project started off on the right track for you or anyone on your gift list! Good Growin’ The Harper Boys- Gettin’  landscapes done since 1945!

Ladies, Seniors, and Gift Ideas-Today at Harper’s

It’s Wednesday! Ladies, Seniors, it’s your day to save and do we have great gift ideas for you to save on for Christmas! Today’s idea-Wind Chimes.  A great gift for anyone’s patio and they’ll be reminded of you every time there is a breath of wind. These chimes are hand made and very unique and decorative and Ladies and Seniors you save 10% on them or any purchase today!

Good Growin’

The Harper Boys-Knowing the answer has been blowin in the wind since 1945

Gift Ideas From The Garden Cont’d

Perhaps the most noticeable Christmas icon other than Santa or the Christmas tree is the Poinsettia. Although it has taken on some changes over the last few years, different colors, curly leaves, some even paint them, the Poinsettia is still identified as the Christmas Plant! Why not, there probably is not a better gift for giving you bang for your buck. They are striking and can take over a room, and the recipients are always pleased to get them!

Want to make a big show for the holiday-give a Poinsettia or two or a dozen or two! Poinsettias are a great gift for corporate clients and thank yous. Let us know if we can help you deliver these directly to your most important customer or client!

Good Growin’

The Harper Boys-Keeping Mr. Poinsett’s plant front and center for Christmas since 1945

Have Your Tree & Eat It Too!

A great gift for the gardener/cook!

Another great little gift idea for Christmas from the Harper boys, a Rosemary shaped like a Christmas tree! Rosemary is a very hardy dependable plant here, does well in a pot or in the ground. Of course no great cook can be without it’s herbal qualities either. Looking for a great little gift who is a gardener/cook-this may just be it! Have your tree and eat it too!!

Good Growin’

The Harper Boys-Knowin’ it is thru the stomach that gets a gardeners attention since 1945~

Another Value Gift Idea From The Garden!

The Harper Boys continue to search and make suggestions for you in this season of gift giving! We feel like there is no better place than the nursery to come up with gifts that give value and lasting memories. Today’s suggestion is Christmas Cactus. Not really a cactus but this great indoor/outdoor plant is just that-versatile and can last for generations! We have customers and friends who now take care of Christmas cactus that belonged to their grandparents!

Looking for something for the office gift or a neighbor a friend, or just something that might get handed down from one generation to the next? Consider this lovely gift!

Good Growin’

The Harper Boys-Keeping Gift Giving Goin for Generations!

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